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not sure which vintage toys we're buying? here are some examples

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Hasbro WWF Wrestling Ring

The above picture shows a vintage WWF Hasbro ring complete in box. Hasbro WWF figures are a must for any 1980s or 1990s wrestling fan, and finding them with the boxes can prove difficult, depending on the wrestler.

We purchase all WWF Hasbro wrestlers, with or without the packages. They don't have to be mint. They can be sold individually if sealed/in box or in lots if they are opened.

Vintage Star Wars Toy Case
Vintage Star Wars Vader

The above pictures show examples of vintage Star Wars figures from Kenner. The original line ran from 1977 until about the mid 1980s. A line of similar action figures were produced from Kenner in the 1990s, but they were produced in much higher quantities and many purchased them with the intention of collecting/saving, so the value of the 1990s Star Wars figures is significantly less than that of 1970s/1980s Star Wars action figures.

We purchase all vintage Star Wars toys from the 1980s and 1990s. They can be opened or sealed. In the case of 1980s Star Wars action figures, we can purchase them individually if sealed or in lots if opened. In the case of 1990s Star Wars action figures, we would prefer to purchase them in bigger lots as the value is much lower. 

Vintage He-Man Vehicle

The above picture shows an example of a vintage Masters of the Universe vehicle from the 1980s. Masters of the Universe figures were manufactured from the early to late 1980s. The line was changed towards the end of the decade into the New Adventures of He Man. It would then be discontinued until the early 2000s when the new TV show premiered. 

We purchase all vintage Masters of the Universe figures, loose or sealed in the package. The figures can be complete or incomplete. The condition can range from good to mint. If you have sealed Master of the Universe figures, we can purchase them individually or in lots. If you have a collection of opened/loose figures, then we prefer to purchase them in lots, depending on the accessories and condition of the toys.

Vintage Power Rangers Figure

The figure pictured above is a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers action figure from the 1990s, manufactured by Bandai. Power Rangers is a popular TV series, that has gone through many iterations, with the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers being the most popular. Bandai has been manufacturing figures from the beginning and is going to this day. There are small toys such as this one, but there are also larger "zords", which are transforming robots that are very popular among collectors.

We purchase all Power Rangers toys from all time periods. If you have Power Rangers Turbo, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers or any variety, we will most likely be interested. The smaller figures we prefer to purchase in lots and sealed in package. The larger figures we can purchase loose/opened or in package. We prefer to buy them in at least smaller lots, but it would depend on exactly what you have 

Vintage TMNT Shredder

The figure pictured above is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure from the late 1980s manufactured by Playmates. This line of figures is based on the popular TV show, which was based off the comic book. These action figures were very popular and the line ran for many years. Playmates has made many rereleases and reproductions of the original figures, due to their popularity. 

We buy all Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, regardless of the line. They can be loose/opened or sealed. If they are loose, then we ask for them to be sold in lots. If they are brand new/sealed, then we can buy in small lots or individually depending on what you may have.

SubZero Comics buys many more varieties of vintage toys and action figures such as Thundercats, GI Joe, MASK, Mego, Marvel/DC vintage toys, Transformers, Star Trek, Barbie, and vintage trains. If it isn't pictured here, be sure to inquire within, because we are always buying.


We purchase loose or sealed action figures and toys from the 1920s until today. If you feel overwhelmed with a big (or even small) collection of toys, we can help with a fair and honest appraisal. 

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