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Video games values have skyrocketed in the past few years, but not all video games are worth money. Many vintage and modern games are very common. That being said, vintage video games are more likely to have some kind of value. Please note that a loose video game cartridge is less likely to have any kind of value when compared to a complete in-the-box game. Most original buyers did not keep the boxes for their games, so finding most loose games can be relatively easy with old video games. Collectors also prefer to display their games with the original box.

Please note that the difference between a sealed game and a loose cartridge is drastic. A loose Zelda cartridge for the NES may sell for $50, while a sealed and graded copy of the same game can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the grade. If you have a loose cartridge, please do not look up values for anything other than the cartridge itself, in order to keep your value expectations low.

Sealed video games are very likely to have at least some value. What kind of value will depend on the content of the game as well as condition. Please note that grading any game (sealed or loose) can cost upwards of $100, so if you want to send any games to WATA or VGA, please be sure to check our grading guide.

Content is important with vintage and modern video games. If you have a vintage, original Mario game for the NES that is sealed, then it will be worth much more than a vintage, sealed Pitfall game for the Atari.

Most modern games are very common, and even finding many sealed can be quite easy. If you have anything from PS2, XBOX, or newer, then it is most likely going to be common, but it can be valuable if the game is sealed and in high grade.

Vintage Donkey Kong Handheld
Vintage SEGA Genesis Games

Video Game consoles are usually worth something, but it will depend on it they work. If they are in working condition and have all the accessories, they will be much easier to sell. As is the same with games themselves, values of consoles go up when they have their original boxes, and go up even higher if they are sealed.

Content is very important when looking at any kind of collectible, so please be sure to do your research and check what kind of games you have. If your video game collection consists of most sports games, then they will likely have little to no value.

Be sure to refer to our lists below if you're looking for the values of any video games from a particular period.

While these tips might be of help, it might still be difficult to identify a valuable video game, so if you need advice or an appraisal, then feel free to call or text us at (973) 931-1471 or email

If you're looking for an official price guide for your video games, you can use the Price Charting website. 


Price Charting Video Game Price Guide

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