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King in Black is currently the big event going on at Marvel and it is written by one of the hottest writers in comics right now; Donny Cates.

The story ties into many current Marvel titles as Knull and his symbiotes are causing havoc throughout (spoiler: it doesn't end well for some heroes).

We highly recommend this title, as it is a great read if you're a Venom fan, and expands greatly on the lore of the character. 

Be sure to read the Venom (2018) series and Absolute Carnage before diving into this title. 


King in Black 1

Superman Up in the Sky is a 6 issue mini-series written by the Eisner Award-winning Tom King.

Without spoiling too much, the story involves a murder mystery and a search throughout the galaxies by the only person who can do it; Superman.

This title is a surprisingly good read. If you're looking for one recent Superman title to read, then this might be what you're looking for. Superman isn't the most popular character these days, but this story will make you rethink that.


Superman Up in the Sky 1-6 Comic

Coming off of the Joker War story, we are now introduced to Miracle Molly (after the introduction of the popular Punchline). The story is written by James Tynion IV.

Tynion has been doing an amazing job on the title, and the introduction of Miracle Molly is highly anticipated after how well Punchline was received.

Batman is our personal favorite character, and we're glad to see how James Tynion IV is writing him following a less than enjoyable end from Tom King. The new characters are great and we look forward to more from them.


Batman 108 Molly

Ms Marvel has been a favorite of ours for a while now and we can't get enough. The stories are very down to earth and you quickly come to like the character.

This is the 3rd title staring Ms Marvel, with 2 other titles being written by Willow Wilson. This title is being written by Eisner Award-winning Saladin Ahmed.

The character is very fun and if you haven't read any stories with her, then you're missing out. Highly recommended if you're looking for something easy and fun to read.


Magnificent Ms Marvel 1

Absolute Carnage is the Prelude to King in Black also written by the popular Donny Cates.

This story follows Venom as he tries to prevent a plot from Carnage with the help of Spider-Man. The Donny Cates Venom is very different from previous stories, as you get to see a different side to the character.

This title is very good and highly recommended if you're a Venom or Carnage fan. You may need to read the Venom (2018) series prior to reading this title.


Absolute Carnage 1-5 Comic Set

Heroes in Crisis is a 9 issue mini-series written by Eisner Award-winning Tom King.

The story involves a murder mystery revolving around Harley Quinn and Booster Gold and deals with the interesting subject of mental health among superheroes.

This title had a great deal of potential, however, it fell short and left much to be desired. The theme of mental health among heroes needs to be explored more, even if this book didn't do it properly.


Heroes in Crisis 1-9 Comic Lot

Justice League Dark is the 2018 series that ended recently. It is written by now Batman author, James Tynion IV.

The story involves Wonder Woman and a team of magic users investigating the disruption in magic in the DC Universe. It stars many characters such as Zatanna, Swamp Thing, and Constantine.

This title is very good and the Justice League Dark is a very underrated team. The stories involving the team are always enjoyable, and with James Tynion IV writing, it is a guaranteed win.


Justice League Dark 1-29 Comic

Daredevil is a current ongoing title written by Chip Zdarsky. It is one of the best Marvel or DC has to offer.

The story follows Matt Nelson recovering following the events of the previous comic series. It shows the repercussions Matt faces for being sloppy.  

This is easily one of our favorite titles at the moment. Daredevil has always been a personal favorite, but this title stands out so well. It has a great balance of story, action, drama, and if you're going to read one ongoing title, this has to be it.


Daredevil 1 Comic Set

Immortal Hulk is a current ongoing title written by Al Ewing. It features a very different Hulk than most are used to.

The title follows Bruce Banner as he tries to come to terms with personal demons while trying to control a literal one. The story shows a side of Hulk that is a refreshing take.

We aren't usually huge fans of the Hulk, but this take is amazing. This uses the concept Stan Lee imagined and expands upon it. We cannot recommend this title enough. The complexities of Bruce Banner/Hulk are very enjoyable to explore.


Immortal Hulk Comic Books

Dark Knights Metal is a mini-series from Scott Snyder and is a precursor to Dark Knights Death Metal. It is recommended to read this title before reading the other tie-ins, but there are a few one-shots that should be read before this main series.

The story follows Batman as he uncovers an age-old mystery with the help of Superman and Wonder Woman. Many other characters from the DC Universe get involved in this.

This story is enjoyable, but at times it can be slow and hard to follow. We liked it overall and would recommend it, however, it may not be for everyone.


Dark Nights Metal Comics

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