grading your toys

Have any questions about grading? Or need help with an appraisal?

Give us a call or text at (973) 931-1471 or email us at

Interested in grading your toys? Not sure where to start? Grading toys is more expensive than comic books, so it is advised that you only grade very valuable toys, that are in near mint condition or better. 

This is because if you grade a toy that is valued at only about $20-30, then the value would not increase by a large margin and the grading fee would be much higher than the actual value, so there would be a loss.

Please note, that AFA has many different grading tiers, prices, and structuring. It would be advised to bring in your toys for evaluation, as grading toys using a guide would cause inaccuracies. Please call or email us with questions.


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