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The 50 Most Valuable Wolverine Comic Books

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

So you've been collecting comic books for a while and are finally ready to sell some. Or maybe you're looking to get into collecting and need a starting point. Regardless of your situation, if Wolverine is your favorite superhero, then you've come to the right place. Here we've outlined the 50 most valuable Wolverine comic books. This list spans from the 1970s when the character debuted until today.

We should note that our list is in alphanumeric order and includes only comic books. It does not include sets, magazines, toys, or other media. If you have something in better condition, then use our grading guides to determine if you have something worth grading. Also, we should note that condition is everything and if you have a comic in low grade, then the price will be much lower.

While the list covers a large majority of valuable Wolverine comic books, it is not all-inclusive. We don't list every single variant cover here as there are way too many to include. The list just includes a majority of variants and first appearances that relate to the character (but listing all variants would be nearly impossible as there are always new ones being released). We also didn't try to include too many X-Men comics, unless they relate to Wolverine (the first appearance of allies, enemies, or a classic Wolverine cover).

Also, note that this list is just for entertainment purposes. We should not be your only source of pricing. Consult multiple auction sites such as eBay, Heritage, and ComicConnect if you need to check more prices.

Due to market volatility, we have decided to remove all prices from our guides. If you see something on our lists, then be sure to check eBay's sold listings to find comparable books to yours. Basically, you can use this guide for entertainment, but don't use it for anything more than that. And if you don't agree with any prices you find online, then you're welcome to sell your comics for whatever you'd like.


If you ever want to cut out the hassle that comes with selling a collection of comic books, then know that we buy comic book collections. We pay cash for all varieties of collections, whether you have 10 comics from the Silver Age or 10,000 comic books from the 1990s. Be sure to give us a call, text, or email if you're ready to sell. If you just need to be pointed in the right direction, then understand that we also offer completely free opinions (for entertainment purposes only). If you're stuck and just need a hand, be sure to let us know and we can do our best to help with no obligations to sell to us.

That being said, let's get on to our list of the 50 most valuable Wolverine comic books.


All-New Wolverine 1

DMX Cover Homage

Following the passing of rapper, DMX, this comic book homage cover has gone up in price as it has a great deal of cross-appeal among hip-hop collectors. It is an homage to the DMX album, Flesh of My Flesh. The 1:15 variant cover for All-New Wolverine 1 also sells for some money as it is an homage to Hulk 180.

All-New Wolverine 2

1:25 Variant, 1st Honey Badger/Gabby

This comic features the first appearance of Honey Badger who becomes a regular in the X-23 titles. The regular edition of this comic isn't worth as much but still has some value.

All-New Wolverine 20

1:10 Variant Cover

This book has a slightly lower print run and can sell for a few dollars online. Note that the 1:20 Cho variant cover also sells for some money.

Daredevil 111

First Appearance of Silver Samurai

While the character technically appeared before Wolverine, he would eventually become an important villain in the Wolverine lore. The book isn't worth big money, but it's a must if you're looking to get important Wolverine comics.

Daken Dark Wolverine 1

1:75 Variant Cover

The son of Wolverine makes his solo debut in this issue and the 1:75 variant cover can be tough to find. There is also a 1:25 variant cover that has some value. Note that the regular cover for this comic isn't worth much.

Foom 2

Wolverine Concept Design

This book wasn't worth too much for a while, but it eventually caught the eyes of collectors as it features a fan submission that has an early Wolverine concept (before Hulk 180/181). While the character looks quite different, we still see the name and some of the powers being presented. Foom 2 isn't as pricey as Hulk 181, but it's a great book to get if you're a huge fan of the Wolverine character.

Giant-Size X-Men 1

Wolverine Joins the X-Men (and his Fourth Appearance)

Giant-Size X-Men 1 isn't as valuable as Incredible Hulk 181, but it's still generally regarded as one of the most valuable comics from the 70s. This book has Wolverine make his fourth appearance, and get his classic mask/costume. This also has the character join the X-Men and quickly become one of the team's most popular members. This comic is a must if you're an X-Men fan. Note that the grade for this comic book is important as low-grade copies can sell for a couple of thousand dollars, while CGC-graded 9.8 copies can sell for over multiples of that.

Hulk 1

Incredible Hulk 181 Homage

This comic features an homage to the classic Hulk 181 cover and has X-23 and She-Hulk taking the place of the original characters. The book has some demand these days as it can be popular among fans of the original cover.

Hulk 7

Incredible Hulk 340 Homage

This comic has an homage to the classic Todd McFarlane cover for Hulk 340. Note that there are 2 Clayton Crain Variants for Wolverine 8 (also Hulk 340 homage covers) which also have value.

Incredible Hulk 180

First Appearance of Wolverine in Cameo

This comic is the first appearance of Wolverine in a cameo on the final page. The book is a more affordable way for collectors to get the first appearance of the character without breaking the bank. Just make sure to open up the comic and make sure the Marvel Value Stamp is present as many of them were cut out. Someone with deeper pockets might go after our next entry, however.

Incredible Hulk 181

First Full Appearance of Wolverine

Incredible Hulk 181 is generally regarded as one of the most valuable comic books from the 1970s (and the most valuable Wolverine comic). This book features the first full appearance of the Wolverine character. While it is a generally common comic book, that doesn't stop fans of the character from paying big money for the book. Note that the condition for this comic book is important. Low-grade copies can sell for a couple of thousand dollars, while CGC-graded 9.8 copies can approach six figures. We generally find most copies to be in the 5.0-7.0 range. Just make sure to open up the comic and make sure the Marvel Value Stamp is present as many of them were cut out (a missing stamp will lower the value tremendously). Also, make sure your copy is original and not a reprint.

Incredible Hulk 182

Third Appearance of Wolverine

This book finishes the Wolverine first appearance trifecta with an appearance from the character on the first page. He quickly leaves to give way to new enemies for the Hulk. While the book is worth the least out of the first appearances of Wolverine, it can still be a cheaper early appearance of the character if you're on a budget.

Incredible Hulk 340

Classic McFarlane Wolverine vs Hulk Cover/Story

This issue features a classic Todd McFarlane cover that has Wolverine go up against the Hulk in a rivalry renewed. The book has always been popular among fans as it features great art and has two beloved Marvel heroes in a brawl to remember.

Iron Fist 14

First Appearance of Sabretooth

We all know that Sabretooth is one of Wolverine's greatest foes, and Iron Fist 14 features the first appearance of the character. The character would become Wolverine's most consistent threat as we would see him appear in most media opposite our favorite superhero. Note that there is a 35-cent price variant for this comic worth big money.

Marvel Comics Presents 72

First Appearance of Wolverine as Weapon X

This book features an exploration of Wolverine's past in a classic story by Barry Windsor Smith. The comic wasn't worth too much but has recently seen a price increase.

New Mutants 98

First Appearance of Deadpool

New Mutants 98 features the first appearance of Wade Wilson, who started as a spoof of Deathstroke but eventually caught on enough to become a beloved character. The character would become a bit of a comedy contrast to Wolverine and was even featured in one of the Wolverine movies.


First Appearance of X-23 (Wolverine's Clone)

Those who have seen the Logan movie might know of this character, and this comic features the first appearance of Laura Kinney (X-23). The book has a lower print run and can be tough to find, so it can sell for a premium in higher grades.

Return of Wolverine 1

Todd McFarlane Remastered Variants

When Wolverine made his return a few years ago, we were treated to 1:1000 and 1:500 Todd McFarlane variant covers. The books reused old artwork from McFarlane and the covers aren't new. Despite being a lower ratio, the sketch variant sells for less than the color version, mostly due to the color version looking better. There is also a Campbell variant for issue 1 that sells for some money.

Uncanny X-Force 1

Rob Liefeld Variant

Wolverine joins a new X-Force team in a great run from writer Rick Remender (highly recommended reading). We aren't huge fans of Rob Liefeld, but his variant for this issue can sell for good money. Note that there are also 2 J Scott Campbell covers for this issue worth some money. The Campbell covers both have the same artwork, but one was exclusive to Midtown Comics, while another was a 1:50 ratio variant.

Uncanny X-Men 94

First New X-Men Team Adventure (2nd Appearance)

After their appearance in Giant-Size X-Men 1, the new X-Men team goes on their first mission and this issue marks the return of the ongoing title after a few years of reprints. This book isn't as valuable as Giant-Size X-Men 1, but it's a must if you're trying to finish your run of the main title. Note that issues 95-99 also have some value.

Uncanny X-Men 100

Classic Anniversary Issue

This issue has a great cover that features the old team vs the new. It is also the milestone 100th issue of the X-Men title.

Uncanny X-Men 101

First Appearance of Phoenix

Wolverine's friend and love interest Jean Grey becomes possessed by the Phoenix Force and becomes the popular character many X-Men fans love.

Uncanny X-Men 107

First Appearance of the Starjammers

The Starjammers team makes its debut in this issue. While this issue isn't a direct Wolverine key, we felt like it needed to be added here as the book can sell for good money in higher grades.

Uncanny X-Men 109

First Appearance of Vindicator

Vindicator (Later known as Guardian), who is a character from Wolverine's past, makes his first appearance in this issue. Note that issues 120 and 121 are a continuation of this story which explores Wolverine's Canadian superhero past.

Uncanny X-Men 120 and 121

First Appearances of Alpha Flight

The first-ever Canadian superhero team, Alpha Flight, makes its first appearance in X-Men 120 and 121. Note that issue 120 has the first appearance of the team in a cameo on the final page and issue 121 has the first full appearance of the heroes.

Uncanny X-Men 129

First Appearance of Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost

This issue has the first appearance of not only 1 major character from the X-Men but 2. This issue introduces us to Emma Frost, who starts as a member of the Hellfire Club. It also has the first appearance of Kitty Pryde who would become a regular member of the X-Men team and a trusty sidekick to Wolverine.

Uncanny X-Men 130

First Appearance of Dazzler

This issue features the first appearance of the popular 1980s disco superhero known as Dazzler. The comic isn't worth as much as our previous entry, but it still sells for decent money.

Uncanny X-Men 133

First Wolverine Solo Cover

X-Men 133 has Wolverine go solo against the Hellfire Club. Recently, this comic has gone up in value as many are recognizing it as the first time the character appears by himself on a cover.

Uncanny X-Men 134

First Dark Phoenix

After being controlled by the Hellfire Club, the Phoenix character ends up with a new persona and we get the Dark Phoenix. Note that issues 135-137 also have some value as they continue the classic Dark Phoenix Saga.

Uncanny X-Men 141 and 142

Classic Days of Future Past Storyline

Issues 141 and 142 of X-Men feature the classic storyline from Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Terry Austin. The story has been adapted to TV and film multiple times and most fans of the team know it as one of the definitive X-Men storylines. Note that issue 141 also features the first appearances of Pyro, Avalanche, Destiny, and Rachel (Phoenix II). Both issues aren't hard to find, but the classic story makes it popular enough to make the books have some value.

Uncanny X-Men 244

First Appearance of Jubilee

Uncanny X-Men 244 has the first appearance of Jubilee (Jubilation Lee), who becomes another popular sidekick to Wolverine. Many 90s fans will recognize Jubilee from the popular X-Men Animated Series.

Uncanny X-Men 266

First Appearance of Gambit

The popular card-slinging mutant makes his debut in this comic book. The character would be a regular teammate of Wolverine and we would see a great dynamic between the characters.

Wolverine 1 (1988)

1st Appearance of Wolverine as Patch

Wolverine 1 from 1988 features the first appearance of Wolverine as Patch. It would also be the first issue of the first ongoing title for Wolverine, so it's a must if you're looking to start a run.

Wolverine 8 (1988 Series)

Classic Mr. Fixit Cover

This comic features a great cover from John Buscema and has gone up in price recently as it has Wolverine and Mr. Fixit (Hulk) on the cover together.

Wolverine 10 (1988 Series)

Classic Wolverine vs Sabretooth

This issue has Wolverine going up against Sabretooth in a flashback story. It also features art from the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz. The book has always been popular among Wolverine fans.

Wolverine 27 (1988 Series)

Classic Jim Lee Cover

This issue features a classic Jim Lee cover that has caught on in recent years. Fans just can't get enough of Jim Lee's work on the Wolverine character. The book isn't worth major money, but it can still be a great addition to any collection.

Wolverine 88 (1988 Series)

First Deadpool and Wolverine Meeting

Fans just love the Deadpool character and this issue has the first meeting between him and Wolverine. The book is another example of a book that wasn't worth much for a long time but has gone up in recent years. There are two versions of this comic and the deluxe edition sells for slightly more.

Wolverine 102.5 (1988 Series)

Boris Vallejo Mail-Away Cover

Wolverine 102.5 is a hard-to-find comic as it was only available through a mail-away. The book features a great cover from the legendary Boris Vallejo.

Wolverine 145 (1988 Series)

Nabisco Variant Cover

Wolverine 145 was an exclusive mail-away comic that was only available through Nabisco. The comic also has a great Bill Sienkiewicz cover. This book can be tough to find, making it worth a good amount in the aftermarket. Note that there is also a gold claw variant and Dynamic Forces variant of Wolverine 145 worth some money.

Wolverine 20 (2003 Series)

Retailer Variant

Thie comic features Wolverine in a brown costume and was exclusive to retailers. The book can be tough to find, which makes it worth a little money online. There is also a Wizard World sketch variant cover for this issue that sells for some money.

Wolverine 66 (2003 Series)

Michael Turner Variant

This comic features the beginning of the classic Old Man Logan storyline from Mark Millar. The story is well-loved by fans today and was the inspiration for the Logan movie a few years ago. While the regular cover for this comic doesn't sell for big money, the Michael Turner variants can sell for a good amount.

Wolverine 1 (2010)

J Scott Campbell Variant Cover

This was a bit of a sleeper variant cover that caught the eye of collectors shortly after its release. This issue has a lot going for it as it has a Deadpool cover, a low print, and features art from J Scott Campbell. That trio makes this comic book very valuable in the aftermarket. Be careful, because there is a La Mole Comic Con variant for this which looks almost the same, but isn't worth as much.

Wolverine 310

Stephen Platt Variant Color and Sketch Variants

These books feature lower print runs from Stephen Platt, who generally didn't do much comic book work. The comics can sell for good money whenever they go up for sale as completists need them to finish their Wolverine sets. Note that there is also another Sabretooth variant for Wolverine 310 that can sell for some money.

Wolverine 1 (2020)

RB Silva Variant

We don't like to add newer variants to our lists as their prices can be volatile (and they might not hold in value), but this one is very limited. Note that this variant cover is limited to only 25 copies, which makes it one of the hardest to find Wolverine variants out there. Also, note that we picture the common color version, but the variant is a sketch version of this cover.

Wolverine 1 (2020)

Jim Lee Variant Cover

This comic also has a great Jim Lee cover. Similar to Return of Wolverine 1, this artwork is reused from a previous piece from Lee. The book was also very limited. There are color and sketch versions of these variants.

Wolverine 1 (2020)

John Tyler Christopher Variant

The color pop on this yellow variant cover from John Tyle Christopher. It was limited to 3000 copies for the C2E2 convention in 2020 and sells for good money online.

Wolverine and the X-Men 15

Venomized Variant

This book was part of the hard-to-find 1:50 Venomized variants that were released in 2012. Note that most of these older 2012 variants have values (ex: Uncanny X-Force 20).

Wolverine Limited Series 1

First Solo Wolverine Title (Classic Cover)

The Wolverine Limited Series from 1982 features the character taking a trip to Japan and explores more of his background. While this comic is quite common, it still has a great cover from the legendary, Frank Miller and a classic Chris Claremont story to boot. The book is really popular among all comic fans, and the price reflects the character's popularity. Issues 2-4 of the title also have some value, and if you have a complete set of series, then it might be easier to sell them as a lot.

Wolverine Origins 2

Canadian Flag Variant

This comic features a variant cover that has the Canadian flag, as opposed to the American flag on the regular edition. The variant cover can be tough to find and sells for good money online. The regular cover doesn't sell for much.

Wolverine Origins 10

First Appearance of Daken

This issue features the first appearance of Wolverine's son, Daken. Note that the third claw variant cover for this issue has the most value as it can be difficult to find. The regular cover and Suydam variant are worth much less.

Wolverine 1 (Paragon Collection)

Limited to 2180 Copies

This comic was only sold with the Chris Claremont Paragon Collection and was limited to 2180 copies. Most copies are part of the set, so it can be tough to find this book on its own. The set was only sold online and didn't last long. The comic contains a new story which is a supplement to the original Wolverine Limited Series from 1982.

Wolverines 3

First Appearance of Gabby (Parel Variant)

A new character in the X-23 stories makes her debut in this issue. Note that while the regular cover doesn't have much value, the 1:25 Gerard Parel variant is worth some money.

X-23 1

Dell'Otto Variant

This limited variant cover features art from the popular Gabrielle Dell'Otto and can sell for good money whenever it goes up for sale.

X-23 2

Vampire Variant

This comic features a great vampire variant cover from popular artist Mike Mayhew. The book is more limited than the regular cover and can be tough to find.

X-23 15

Variant Cover

This 1:50 variant features an homage to Daredevil 181 and replaces Bullseye and Elektra with Daken and X-23.

X-23 Target X 1

Top Cow Comics Exclusive

This comic was exclusive to Top Cow and was more limited than the regular edition of the comic making it harder to find today.

X-Force 1 (2020)

McFarlane Variant Cover

Another McFarlane variant cover. This once again reuses artwork from McFarlane's work on the character in the early 90s. The book was limited to a ratio of 1:100.

X-Men 4 (1991 Series)

First Appearance of Omega Red

X-Men 4 features the first appearance of Omega Red, who is a well-known enemy of Wolverine. This common is extremely common and wasn't worth much, but has recently seen a price bump.

X-Men 11 (1991 Series)

Pressman Variant

This comic was another mail-away variant cover that features a silver background. It was only available through the board game manufacturer, Pressman. It can be tough to find and can sell for good money online. There were a few Pressman X-Men variants, but this one sells for the most.

X-Men 25 (1991 Series)

Gold and Sketch Variants

X-Men 25 features the classic Fatal Attractions storyline which has Magneto remove the adamantium from Wolverine's body. While the regular version of this comic is very common and worth little money, the Gold and Sketch variant covers have some value. The gold version can sell for slightly more. There is also a Marvel Chromium Classics reprint worth some money as well.


Wolverine is one of the most popular superheroes today, and while comic books featuring the character are generally common, there is still a big demand for them. If you have some comics featuring Wolverine, then be sure to look them up and research the values as you might have a few valuable books. Also, note that we didn't list every variant featuring the character as there are too many to list. If you don't see your variant comic listed here, then be sure to look it up as it can still be valuable.

If you have some X-Men comic books featuring Wolverine, then know that there are plenty of comics that we didn't list here. We generally focused on the comics that had Wolverine in a prominent role. Be sure to research your other X-Men comics for prices online. We have a few helpful guides that might be of use in case you're lost and need help with comics from many eras.

If you ever find yourself in a bind and need help with values or selling your comic book collection, then be sure to contact us. We provide completely free opinions (for entertainment purposes only). All we ask is that you're courteous. If you ever want to make life easier and just sell your comic book collection in one shot, then be sure to give us a call, text, or email. We pay cash prices for all comics and travel to you. To make things easier, we take care of all the labor, which leaves you free to just count the cash.


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