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the story of subzero comics

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You might be curious as to how our passion for comics began. Like many people who are in the comic book business, we started as kids who just enjoyed comic books. The two brothers would start the company of SubZero Comics started their passion in the early 1990s when they saw the first Batman movie (the Tim Burton film) on VHS. After seeing it, they were both immediately captivated by movie superheroes and how amazing Batman was. 

The movie set off a spark that only continued to grow. They would then see the Batman Returns movie, and the Animated Series, and that would lead them to buy the cards related to the movie (non-sports cards were extremely popular in those days). They would buy the wax packs with Batman and Joker on them, that had the gum inside (yes, the gum was terrible).

Eventually, they moved on to find even more cool superheroes to enjoy. The Spider-Man and X-Men Animated Series TV shows followed in the mid-1990s, and they led the brothers to finally seek out comics related to the characters. The first comics they would buy would be discount 99 cent books at their local comic store, but the great covers were enough for them to become huge fans. One of the brothers remembers how he went into a comic book store with only 2 dollars in his pocket, and the only book he found for that price was New Mutants 98 (the 1st appearance of Deadpool). He was hoping to get New Mutants 100 but settled on issue 98.

They would buy a few comics for the little money they had and use trade with their friends. Holographic covers were very popular at the time, so they went for those in particular. Wizard Magazine was also very popular and that just helped add fuel to the fire of their young minds. Wizard provided a small price guide too, so this was essentially their first foray into collecting comic books. Not only could you read them and enjoy the art, but they can be collectible. The pieces all fell into place for them to become lifelong fans.

Even when they reached high school, their love for comics grew. One of them even bought comics books for their school's show and tell and did a presentation at their university about how comic books are an underappreciated medium with a great range of titles and stories. At this time, comic books were not appreciated by the general audience like today, so there was some resistance when talking to others about the hobby, but many would support it. 

Once university was over, the two brothers kept collecting books and did their best to buy all the books they could not obtain when they were younger. This seems to happen quite frequently to collectors when they get older. They usually want to capture their childhood again, and the two future owners of SubZero Comics were not any different.

Eventually, the brothers would start interests in other collectibles that were related to comics (ex: toys, statues, etc). They would buy all the latest releases of the newest Marvel Legends or DC Universe Classics action figures. They would also go to their local comic book store frequently to buy the latest comics that were released, so they would be able to keep up to date on the latest stories.

As time went by, the brothers decided to sell a few of their extra comic books to support their collecting. This led them to start selling comic books full time. This proved to be an interesting decision for them because it meant the owners would never have to work a day in their lives because to them comic books weren't work, but something they loved and enjoyed.

Today SubZero Comics is a family-owned business. We now do our best to pass our love for comics on to our customers, by providing knowledge and information for those who need it. While many comic book businesses lose their passion for the hobby and altogether stop reading comics, we have continued to read and enjoy comic books the same as when we were kids. This is what we believe separates us from all the other comic book buyers. There is an enjoyment of comic books that continues in us.

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