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not sure which comics we're buying? here are some examples

Don't see what you have here? Need some information?

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Web of Spider-Man 100
Umbrella Academy 1-6

These are examples of modern comic books. The books were published in the 90s and 2000s. As a rule of thumb, anything with a cover price cover above 50 cents is considered modern. 


We love buying moderns, but just prefer it is done in bulk (1,000 or more books). That might not be necessary depending on what you have.

Tales of Suspense 65 (Red Skull)
X-Men 24 (Silver Age)

These are examples of what most would consider an older comic book (a cover price below 15 cents). Comics from this period vary greatly in price, and there are many factors to consider. 


We can buy books like this individually or in bulk, depending on the value. If you would like more information on older comics from this time period Click Here

Batgirl TPB Lot
New X-Men TPB Lot

These are examples of modern trade paperbacks/graphic novels. Most of them are thicker and are mainly purchased with the purpose of reading a number of issues without having to buy them individually.


We love buying trade paperbacks collections big and small, because they make for great reading (yes, we actually still read comic books).

Thor 602 Original Art Page
Michael Turner Batman Sketch

These are examples of original comic book artwork. Most original comic book artwork has some kind of value to it, but it's actual value really depends on content. 


We buy most comic book artwork, whether is it published artwork or original commissions/sketches from an artist. 

Bleach Manga

This is an example of a manga comic. There isn't much of a collector's market for manga, as they are more for reading, however we enjoy buying them.


Since manga has little value to it, we prefer to buy it in bulk. We also prefer that they are in English.

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