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Here at SubZero Comics, we understand that it can be overwhelming to own or inherit a big collection of comic books so we have created a guide to help you understand what comics are valuable. Here are some tips:


Older comic books have a bigger chance of holding some kind of value. Now you may be asking what kind of comic books qualify as older and it can be easy to figure this out. LOOK AT THE COVER PRICE.


Anything with a cover price of 10 cents was most likely published from the 1930s thru the early 1960s. These comics are most likely to be valuable.


Comics with a cover price from 12 to 20 cents were most likely published from the early 1960s to the early 1970s. These also have a good chance of having some kind of value.


Anything with a cover price above 20 cents has a lower chance of being valuable, but may still be worth something. 


Modern comics with cover prices of 50 cents and up are usually not worth much, so they are usually sold in bulk as they can sometimes be difficult to sell individually.

Here are examples of comic books published in the 1960s (12 cents) and the late 1970s (30 cents). 

X-Men Silver Age Comic
Godzilla 1 1977 comic book

The next thing to look for is content. This is very important. A comic being old may not necessarily mean it is valuable. The content is what matters most. A Mickey Mouse comic from 1962 may not have much value, while a Spider-Man comic from 1962 has a good amount of value (depending on condition).

Content is easy to look for. Usually what you're looking for is a superhero you've heard of (ex: Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men). If you've heard of the hero, and the book is old, then there is a bigger chance of the comic being worth more. 

Be sure to refer to our lists below if you're looking for the values of any comics from a particular period.

While these tips might be of help, it might still be difficult to identify a valuable comic, so if you need advice or an appraisal, then feel free to call or text us at (973) 931-1471 or email

If you're looking for an official price guide for your comics, you can purchase an Overstreet Price Guide which is released yearly. 


Overstreet Price Guide on Amazon

Overstreet Comic Price Guide
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