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100 of the Most Valuable 1980s Comics in 2023

Updated: Jan 17

In the 1980s comic books saw a massive influx of investors. Those who were new to the hobby would go to their local comic stores in droves. They did this to buy large quantities of new issues in hopes of striking it rich. Excessive buying led print runs to grow and would lead to the 1990s comic book crash, due to demand being much lower than supply. This may sound like bad news if you own comics from the 80s, but if you do, then there's still good news. There are some comics from the 1980s that have value. In fact, due to some comics having significance and recent nostalgia, there are a small number of books from the 80s that are worth thousands and are solid investments (although most comics from the 80s have little to no value).

Wolverine Limited Series 2 3 4

While a large majority of 1980s comics have almost no value, a very small minority may be worth something. Here we have compiled a guide to the most valuable 1980s comic books. This list is in alphabetical order and is not all-inclusive. It includes over 100 of the most valuable comic books from the 80s. This doesn't include sets, magazines, manga, or trade paperbacks. We do our best to keep this list updated and try not to have anything on the list worth $15 or less.

Note that the comics may sell for higher if they're in better grades (please see our grading guide if you want to learn how to grade), but it's always good to keep your expectations low when selling comics online. Also, note that 1980s comic values are always changing (especially in the current market), so these books might have a different value tomorrow.

Note that due to market volatility, we have decided to remove all prices from our guides. If you see something on our lists, then be sure to check eBay's sold listings to find comparable books to yours. Basically, you can use this guide for entertainment, but don't use it for anything more than that. And if you don't agree with any prices you find online, then you're welcome to sell your comics for whatever you'd like. Also, note that OUR GUIDES/BLOGS SHOULD NOT BE USED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE. DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE IN YOUR SELLING AND PURCHASING DECISIONS. ALSO DO NOT ASK US FOR INVESTMENT ADVICE. Taking investing advice from a stranger is usually a bad idea anyway.

If you have a collection of 80s books and need to know their value, you should always do more research (our guide is not to be used as a means of buying and selling). If you need any personal opinions or an appraisal (for entertainment purposes only), be sure to call or email us. We can give you a fair, honest, and completely free opinion on what we think your comics are worth.

Albedo 2

First Appearance of Usagi Yojimbo.

Usagi Yojimbo would be seen in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show and would become popular among the indy comic book community. This comic book is extremely difficult to find and rarely goes up for sale.

Albedo 2 First Usagi Yojimbo

Albedo 3

Second Appearance of Usagi Yojimbo.

This is easier to find than the previous issue but is starting to go up in price as a cheaper alternative to Albedo 2.

Second Usagi Yojimbo

Albedo 4

Second Usagi Yojimbo Cover.

This comic is starting to go up in price because it features the 2nd Usagi Yojimbo Cover, and pre-dates the first solo issue.

Second Usagi Yojimbo Cover

Amazing Spider-Man 210

First Madame Web.

The somewhat forgotten, off-beat character from the Spider-Man series is starting to get noticed due to news of her being in the next movie.

First Madame Web

Amazing Spider-Man 212

First Hydro-Man.

This comic seemed to be low in value for a while, but recently it has started to pick up in price. Hydro-Man is a well-known Spider-Man villain and this is a must-have if you want to complete your Spider-Man keys.

First Hydro Man Comic

Amazing Spider-Man 238

First Hobgoblin (w/Tattooz).

This features the first appearance of a popular villain in the comic book community. Note that if you are missing the tattoo inserts, the value will drop considerably.

First Appearance of Hobgoblin

Amazing Spider-Man 252

First Black Costume Spider-Man.

It's easy to see why this comic is very popular among comic book collectors. This issue features the 1st appearance of the black costume that would eventually become Venom (this issue is tied with Marvel Team-Up 141 as the first appearance of the black costume). This also features a great cover homage to Amazing Fantasy 15.

First Spider-Man Black Costume

Amazing Spider-Man 265

First Silver Sable.

This comic just started to go up in value. Silver Sable isn't very popular these days, but this may change with an appearance in a movie.

First Silver Sable

Amazing Spider-Man 298

First Todd McFarlane on Title.

Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man run is legendary and very popular among comic collectors and this marks the beginning of his work on the character. This issue also has a small cameo from the popular character, Venom.

First Todd McFarlane on Spider-Man

Amazing Spider-Man 299

First Venom in Cameo.

This features the first appearance of Venom in a full, last-page cameo. A good alternative if Amazing Spider-Man 300 seems too expensive. It also has great art from the fan-favorite, Todd McFarlane.

1st Venom Cameo Appearance

Amazing Spider-Man 300

First Full Venom, Classic Cover.

One of the most popular 1980s comics and the first full appearance of Venom. This also features one of the most popular covers from the 1980s from the legendary Todd McFarlane. Note that are tons of reprints of this issue, so make sure you have an original.

1st Full Venom Appearance

Amazing Spider-Man 301

Todd McFarlane Cover.

This McFarlane cover has been popular since it takes the cover from the previous issue and has Spider-Man in his classic red and blue costume. The newsstand version of this issue is worth slightly more.

Amazing Spider-Man 316

First Venom Cover.

Here we see a continuation of Todd McFarlane's classic Amazing Spider-Man run. This comic has been going up in value lately as collectors are noticing McFarlane's 1st Venom cover (a classic).

First Venom Cover

Amazing Spider-Man Annual 16

First Monica Rambeau (Captain Marvel).

This features the first appearance of a character that was overlooked for years but is now gaining popularity. The character was originally Captain Marvel but became Photon and then Spectrum in the Marvel comic books. She is slated for future movie appearances after an appearance in the WandaVision show.

1st Monica Rambeau, Photon, Captain Marvel

Archie's Girls Betty and Veronica 320

First Cheryl Blossom.

This character would become a staple in Archie Comics, and would also have solo books, and this features her first appearance.

1st Cheryl Blossom

Avengers 196

First Full Taskmaster.

A very popular character created by George Perez. He would have a unique power set that would make him a viable threat to the Avengers. He would also be the inspiration for the DC character Deathstroke (also co-created by George Perez).

Avengers 196, First Taskmaster

Avengers Annual 10

First Rogue.

A comic that needs no introduction as it features the first appearance of Rogue from the X-Men. The character has been popular since the 1990s and is a regular X-Men team member.

Avengers Annual 10, First Rogue

Batman 357

First Jason Todd and Killer Croc.

This features the first appearance of not just one major character, but two. Jason Todd would become the second Robin and eventually return as the Red Hood (following his death in the classic Death in the Family storyline). Killer Croc is a longtime Batman villain who lives up to his name.

Batman 357, First Jason Todd and Croc

Batman 366

First Jason Todd as Robin.

Following our previous entry, this features the first time Jason Todd would don the Robin outfit. This comic also features a great Walt Simonson Joker cover.

Batman 366 First Jason Todd as Robin

Batman 386

First Black Mask.

This features the first appearance of Black Mask. The book was relatively underpriced until the villain appeared in the Batman Arkham Origins video game (and later the Birds of Prey movie).

Batman 386 First Black Mask

Batman 404

Batman Year One.

This issue is the beginning of the classic Year One storyline from Frank Miller. We get a retelling of the origin story of the Caped Crusader and this tale has gone on to be the inspiration for many Batman movies.

Batman 423

Classic McFarlane Cover.

This comic was found in most comic dollar bins until recently when many started to take notice of the amazing Todd McFarlane cover. The 2nd and 3rd prints have different art in the bottom left box, and have some value, but aren't as valuable as the 1st print.

Batman 423 Classic McFarlane Cover

Batman 428

Death of Jason Todd.

A personal favorite of ours, this issue features the tragic death of the 2nd Robin, Jason Todd at the hands of the Joker. In the previous issue, we find Todd to be tied up by the Joker while a building he's in blows up. The issue had a phone number fans had to call to vote on whether the character should survive and unfortunately the numbers weren't in his favor.

Batman the Dark Knight Returns 1

Classic Story (1st Print).

This features the classic story from Frank Miller that many consider one of the best Batman stories of all time. It was also the inspiration for the Batman/Superman movie. There are multiple prints for this issue and most don't have much value.

Dark Knight Returns 1 Frank Miller

Batman the Killing Joke

First Full Joker Origin (1st Print).

This comic book has the classic Joker origin story from Alan Moore and features the graphic scenes of Joker shooting Barbara Gordon (Batgirl). Please note that later prints aren't worth as much as the first print.

Killing Joke 1 Alan Moore 1st Print

Blip 1

First Mario and Donkey Kong in Comic Books.

Comic book appearances of video game characters have recently started to gain value as there is a good amount of cross-appeal. Mario being the most popular video game character makes this a hot comic book.

Blip 1, 1st Comic Mario Appearance

Caliber Presents 1

First Crow.

Featuring the first appearance of the Crow from James O'Barr. The Crow mini-series that followed would be an inspiration for the cult classic movie.

Caliber Presents 1 1st Crow

Captain America 323

First John Walker.

The first appearance of John Walker who would start as Super-Patriot and then become the new Captain America after Steve Rogers quit a few issues later.

Captain America 323 First John Walker

Captain America 354

First John Walker as US Agent.

Steve Rogers would defeat John Walker (who at the time was Captain America) and take back the helm of Captain America. Walker would then take the mantle of the US Agent and become a more unorthodox version of Captain America.

Captain America 354 First US Agent

Captain America Annual 8

Classic Cover.

This comic book has a classic Wolverine vs Captain America cover from Mike Zeck. Anything with a great Wolverine cover seems to go up in value these days.

Captain America Annual 8, Classic Wolverine Cover

Comico Primer 2

First Grendel (Hunter Rose).

This difficult-to-find comic features the first appearance of Hunter Rose (Grendel) by Matt Wagner. This comic has always been valuable, but recently it has gone up with the announcement of a new Grendel TV show.

Comico Primer 2, 1st Grendel Hunter Rose

Comico Primer 5

First Maxx the Hare by Sam Keith.

This features the first appearance of the Maxx (early iteration) from Sam Keith. This indy character would have a good following among the comic community.

Comico Primer 5, 1st Maxx the Hare

Coyote 11

First Todd McFarlane Art.

This issue has the first professional Todd McFarlane artwork. We don't need to go on about how important Todd McFarlane is to the comic book industry.

Coyote 11, 1st Todd McFarlane Art

Crow 1

First Crow.

This features the classic story of the Crow that would be adapted into a cult classic movie with Brandon Lee. Please note that there are 2nd and 3rd printings of this first issue, but all have value. All prints can be tough to find for this series.

Crow 1, 1st Full Appearance by James O'Barr

Crow 2

Early Crow. Low Print

Continuing the classic story from James O'Barr, this features a lower print run and is essential for those looking to finish their set. All prints can be tough to find for this series.

Crow 3

Early Crow. Low Print

Continuing the classic story from James O'Barr, this features a lower print run and is essential for those looking to finish their set. All prints can be tough to find for this series.

Crow 4

Early Crow. Low Print

Continuing the classic story from James O'Barr, this features a lower print run and is essential for those looking to finish their set.

DC Comics Presents 26

First Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven (New Teen Titans).

This sometimes underappreciated comic features the first appearances of 3 popular characters (Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire) and the formation of the New Teen Titans.

DC Comics Presents 26, 1st Cyborg, Starfire, Raven

DC Comics Presents 47

First He-Man Comic Appearance.

This comic has a good amount of cross-appeal for toy collectors as it features the first comic book appearances of He-Man and Skeletor.

DC Comics Presents 47, 1st Comic He-Man

DC Spotlight 1

First Comedian, Rorshach, Dr. Manhattan

(Watchmen Preview).

Here we have a preview of the Watchmen characters and a must-have for fans of the series.

DC Spotlight 1, 1st Watchmen

Daredevil 168

First Elektra.

This has the first appearance of a popular Daredevil character. The issue is part of the classic Frank Miller run and a must-have for a Daredevil fan.

Daredevil 168 1st Elektra by Frank Miller

Dark Horse Presents 24

First Aliens in Comics.

This has the first appearance of Ridley Scott's Aliens in comics. If you're a fan of the movies, then this comic would be a great addition to your collection.

Dark Horse Presents 24, 1st Aliens

Dark Horse Presents 36

First Aliens vs Predator

This has the first Aliens vs Predator crossover, which became the inspiration for the movies. The comic is relatively low value but is still a cool book.

Dark Horse Presents 36, 1st Alien vs Predator

Deadline 1

First Tank Girl (UK)

This comic has the first appearance of Tank Girl which was the inspiration for the classic movie. Please note that this is the first appearance of the character in the UK. She would not appear in the US until Tank Girl 1 by Dark Horse.

Deadline 1, 1st Tank Girl

Destroyer Duck 1

First Groo the Wanderer and Destroyer Duck.

Groo has always been a bit of an indy darling character among comic fans and collectors are finally starting to take notice.

Eightball 1

1st Print

This comic from Fantagraphics written by Daniel Clowes features a lower print run, which makes it valuable among indy comic collectors. Note that there are multiple prints of this book and only the 1st print has value.

Fantastic Four 244

First Frankie Raye Nova.

This issue has the first appearance of the new Herald of Galactus, Nova (Frankie Raye). The character seems to be getting noticed among comic collectors lately.

Fantastic Four 244, 1st Frankie Raye Nova

GI Joe 1

First Appearance of GI Joe.

This comic was was an overlooked book for a long time as it features the first appearances of Scarlet, Duke, Falcon, Cobra Commander, and the GI Joe, and Cobra teams. Written by Larry Hama, this comic book was released before the TV show and has a much more adult feel.

GI Joe 1, First Snake Eyes, Duke, Scarlet and Cobra

GI Joe 21

First Storm Shadow, Silent Issue (1st Print).

This comic has the first appearance of the Cobra ninja, Storm Shadow. It also features the classic cover and silent story (no words are spoken). Be aware that there are 2nd and 3rd prints of this particular issue, which are less valuable.

GI Joe 21, 1st Storm Shadow, Silent Issue

Gobbledygook 1

First Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Ad (Very Rare)

Gobbledygook 1 features an ad for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the back cover before the first issue hit stands. It is extremely rare and only a few hundred were printed. Don't expect to find this comic while searching in your attic. When this goes up for sale collectors will usually take notice. Note that the last CGC 9.0 copy of this comic sold at auction for 71k in 2021.

Gobbledygook 1, First TMNT in Ad (Very Rare)

Graphic Fantasy 1 (Ajax)

First Savage Dragon.

This features the 1st appearance of Savage Dragon by Erik Larsen. Note that this indy publishing is extremely hard to find and had a print run of only 300 copies. Also, note that the original is published by Ajax and is numbered out of 300. There is a reprint from Image Comics which isn't worth much.

Grendel 1 (Comico)

First Solo Grendel

This features the first solo series for Grendel from Comico. It is in black and white and the series can be generally difficult to find. Issues 2 and 3 also have value.

Grendel 1 Comico, First Solo Series

House of Mystery 290

First I'Vampire

An underappreciated comic that features DC's take on Dracula with their character I'Vampire.

House of Mystery 290, First I'Vampire

Incredible Hulk 258

First Ursa Major

This features the first appearance of Ursa Major and the Soviet Super Soldiers, who made an appearance in the Black Widow movie. Note that Hulk 254 also has some value.

Incredible Hulk 258, First Soviet Super Soldiers

Incredible Hulk 271

First Rocket Raccoon in Comics

This issue features the first comic book appearance of Rocket Raccoon. Please note that Rocket's first appearance was in the 1970s in the magazine-sized Marvel Preview 7, but he is named Rocky Raccoon and is slightly different.

Incredible Hulk 271, First Rocket Raccoon

Incredible Hulk 282

First She-Hulk and Hulk Team Up

This issue features the first time the Hulk and his cousin She-Hulk would work together. The increasing popularity of She-Hulk has caused this book to climb in value.

Incredible Hulk 340

Classic McFarlane Cover

Any fan of Todd McFarlane would put this on their list of favorite covers as this features the classic Wolverine claws cover.

Incredible Hulk 340, Classic McFarlane Wolverine Cover

Judge Dredd 1

First USA Appearance of Judge Dredd.

This features the first USA appearance of Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland. Please note that Dredd first appeared in the UK magazine/newspaper-sized comic 2000 AD issue 2.

Judge Dredd 1 (Eagle) First USA Appearance

Longshot 1

First Appearance of Longshot and Spiral

This has the first appearances of Longshot and Spiral in Mojoworld. These two would become popular mutant characters in Marvel comics. The villain Mojo would appear first in issue 3 of this series.

Longshot 1, First Longshot and Spiral

Love and Rockets 1

Low Print, Independent Title (1st Print)

This comic features a low print run and is a popular independent title by the Hernandez brothers. Issue 1 of the 2nd series (color cover) also has some value.

Love and Rockets 1, Low Print Run

Marvel Graphic Novel 4

First New Mutants (1st Print)

This features the first appearance of the New Mutants team from Chris Claremont and Bob McCleod. Please note that are many printings of this, but they aren't worth as much.

Marvel Graphic Novel 4, First New Mutants

Marvel Spotlight (Vol 2) 6

First Star-Lord in Comics

This features the first appearance of Star-Lord (Peter Quill) from the future Guardians of the Galaxy team. Please note that Star-Lord first appears in the magazine-sized comic Marvel Preview 4 a few years before this.

Marvel Spotlight 6, 1st Comic Star-Lord

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 1

First Major Marvel Crossover Event

Most comic fans know this classic cover that is the first time we see a major event in the Marvel Universe (or any comic company).

Secret Wars 1, First Major Marvel Crossover

Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars 8

Origin of Spider-Man's Black Costume

Released after Amazing Spider-Man 252, this comic book features the continuation of the Secret Wars storyline and the origin of Spider-Man's black costume, which would later become Venom.

Secret Wars 8, Origin of Black Costume

Marvel Super Special 16

First Boba Fett in Comics (Pre-Dates Star Wars 42)

A comic book adaptation of the Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. This comic has the first comic book appearances of many Star Wars characters such as Boba Fett and Yoda. This is a magazine-sized comic, so some do not consider it a true comic.

Marvel Super Special 16, First Boba Fett in Comics

Marvel Tails Peter Porker Spectacular Spider-Ham 1

First Spider-Ham.

The first appearance of the parody comic character Spider-Ham (and others). This comic gained popularity with the release of the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse movie.

Peter Porker Spider-Ham 1, First Spider-Ham

Marvel Team-Up 131

First White Rabbit

This issue has the first appearance of the off-beat villain known as White Rabbit. This issue was another dollar bin comic that has recently gone up in value.

Marvel Team-Up 141

First Black Costume Spider-Man

Released the same month as Amazing Spider-Man 252, this comic ties for the first appearance of the popular black costume that Spider-Man wears. It isn't as valuable as Amazing Spider-Man 252 due to the popularity of the Amazing Fantasy 15 homage.

Marvel Team-Up 141, 1st Spider-Man Black Costume

Masters of the Universe 13

Last Issue, Low Print

This issue is the final issue of the Star/Marvel Comics Masters of the Universe run and has a lower print run.

Masters of the Universe 13 from Marvel

Mayhem 1 (Dark Horse)

First Appearance of the Mask (Stanley Ipkiss).

This issue has the first appearance of the Mask character, which would be the inspiration for the Jim Carrey movies from the 1990s. Please note that there are a few Dark Horse comics that can be debatable as the first appearance of the Mask.

Mayhem 1 from Dark Horse First Mask Appearance

Megaton 1

First Megaton and Vanguard.

This features the first appearance of Megaton and Vanguard, who are popular among the indy comic community.

Megaton 1, First Megaton and Vanguard

Megaton 2

First Savage Dragon in Cameo.

This features a cameo appearance from Savage Dragon from Erik Larsen.

Megaton 2, First Savage Dragon in Cameo

Megaton 3

Early Savage Dragon.

This features an early appearance of Savage Dragon from Erik Larsen. The character would have his ongoing title starting in the early 1990s that would be written and illustrated by Larsen for over 30 years (very rare in the book comic industry).

Megaton 3, First Full Savage Dragon

Megaton Explosion 1

First Youngblood.

This features the first appearance of Youngblood which would be a 1990s Image Comics team. This comic also features early art from Rob Liefeld.

Megaton Explosion, First Youngblood, Rob Liefeld

Men in Black 1

First Men in Black.

This sometimes forgotten indy comic book became the inspiration for the Men in Black series of movies that took the world by storm. While issue 1 has a publication date of 1/90, it technically hit newsstands in late 1989, so we're putting it on our 80s list. Note that issues 2 and 3 also have some value (about $20 each).

Miracleman 15

Death of Kid Miracleman.

This issue ends the Alan Moore run on the character and features the death of Kid Miracleman. It also has a great cover from John Totleben to match.

Miracleman 24

Final Issue.

Like many final issues, this book has a slightly lower print. It also finishes the run by the great Neil Gaiman.

Moon Knight 1

First Moon Knight Solo Title.

The popular Marvel street-level hero finally gets his solo title with this issue. Many collectors are noticing this issue as the character has been compared many times to DC's Batman. The recent TV show has also caused this to go up in price.

Moon Knight 1, 1980, First Solo Moon Knight

Moon Knight 3

First Midnight Man.

This issue features the 1st appearance of the villain, Midnight Man. There is speculation that the villain will make appearances in future Marvel projects.

New Mutants Annual 2

First US appearance of Psylocke.

This features the first appearance of Betsy Braddock AKA Psylocke in the USA. Please note that Braddock's first appearance in the Marvel UK title Captain Britain issue 8 in the late-1970s.

New Mutants Annual 2, First US Psylocke

New Teen Titans 1

First New Teen Titans Solo Title.

Following the preview story in DC Comics Presents 26, this issue features the first solo series for the New Teen Titans. This classic series was written by Marv Wolfman and illustrated by George Perez and would be the inspiration for the Teen Titans animated TV shows and movies.

New Teen Titans 1, First Solo Series

New Teen Titans 2

First Deathstroke the Terminator.

This features the first appearance of Deathstroke the Terminator (a personal favorite comic villain), who becomes the greatest foe of the Teen Titans. He would become the inspiration for the Deadpool character at Marvel.

New Teen Titans 2, First Deathstroke the Terminator

Omega Men 3

First Full Appearance of Lobo.

This features the first appearance of the intergalactic mercenary Lobo by Keith Giffen. The character would also inspire the Marvel character Deadpool with his fourth-wall-breaking, wisecracks.

Omega Men 3, First Lobo

Planet Comics 1

Classic Dave Stevens Cover.

Dave Stevens is one of the most popular 1980s pinup artists and this comic book arguably has one of the best covers he has ever illustrated.

Planet Comics 1, Classic Dave Stevens

Predator 1

First Predator in Comics (1st Print).

Featuring the first appearance of the Predator in comic books. This comic book would lead to many other Dark Horse Predator comics, such as Alien vs Predator. Note that there is a 2nd printing of this book which is not worth as much.

Predator 1, 1989, 1st Appearance in Comics

Punisher Limited Series 1

First Solo Punisher Title.

This limited series issue features the Punisher in his first solo title and has a great Mike Zeck cover.

Punisher Limited Comic Series 1, 1st Solo

The Saga of Swamp Thing 20

First Alan Moore on Title.

This would be the start of the popular Alan Moore run on Swamp Thing.

Saga of Swamp Thing 20, 1st Alan Moore on Title

The Saga of Swamp Thing 21

New Swamp Thing Origin.

This issue features a new origin of Swamp Thing by Alan Moore.

Swamp Thing 21 New Origin, Alan Moore

The Saga of Swamp Thing 25

First John Constantine in Cameo.

A cheaper alternative to Swamp Thing 37, this comic has the first appearance of John Constantine (Hellblazer) in a cameo.

Saga of Swamp Thing 25, First Hellblazer in Cameo

Sandman 1 (1989)

First Morpheus.

This starts the beginning of the legendary Sandman run by Neil Gaiman and has the first appearance of Morpheus the master of dreams.

Sandman 1, First Appearance of Morpheus

Sandman 4

First Lucifer Morningstar.

This issue features the first appearance of Lucifer Morningstar by Neil Gaiman. There is a popular TV show featuring Lucifer based on this comic.

Sandman 4, First Appearance of Lucifer Morningstar

Sandman 8

First Death the Ever-Living.

This comic book has the first appearance of Death the Ever-Living by Neil Gaiman. This is the DC iteration of Death and the character is popular among the comic community.

Sandman 8, 1st Appearance of Death the Ever-Living

Savage She-Hulk 1

First She-Hulk by Stan Lee.

This issue is written by Stan Lee a few years after his major runs at Marvel. This features the first appearance of Jennifer Walters, who is a lawyer in her day job but also fights crime as She-Hulk.

Savage She-Hulk 1, Stan Lee, 1st Appearance

Spectacular Spider-Man 64

First Cloak and Dagger.

Here we have the first appearance of Cloak and Dagger, who are orphans who gain powers through experiments. These characters are not seen much in comics lately, making this book slightly underappreciated.