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100 of the Most Valuable 1990s Comics in 2023

Updated: Jan 17

It can be difficult to figure out which of your 1990s comic books are worth money, but here is a simple list of over 100 valuable comics from that period. Please note that this list is in alphabetical order. It also is not all-inclusive and only includes the most valuable comics from the 90s (we tried not to include anything worth less than $15). The list doesn't include trade paperbacks, manga, or magazines. It also won't list errors or newsstand editions unless they are well-known in the comic community. Other decades will be covered in upcoming blogs.

Note that the comics listed may sell for higher when in better grades (please see our grading guide if you want to learn how to grade), but it's always good to keep your expectations low when selling comics online. Also, note that 1990s comic values are always changing, so these books might have a different value tomorrow (especially in today's volatile market).

Note that due to market volatility, we have decided to remove all prices from our guides. If you see something on our lists, then be sure to check eBay's sold listings to find comparable books to yours. Basically, you can use this guide for entertainment, but don't use it for anything more than that. And if you don't agree with any prices you find online, then you're welcome to sell your comics for whatever you'd like. Also, note that OUR GUIDES SHOULD NOT BE USED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE. DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE IN YOUR SELLING AND PURCHASING DECISIONS. ALSO DO NOT ASK US FOR INVESTMENT ADVICE. Taking investing advice from a stranger is usually a bad idea anyway.

If you have a collection of 90s comics and need to know the value, you should always do more research (our price guide is not to be used as a sole means of buying and selling). If you need an opinion, be sure to call or email us. We can provide our opinion on your collection, free of charge. Any opinions we offer are for entertainment purposes only.

100 Bullets 1

First Dizzy Cordova and Agent Graves.

This is an underrated read by Brian Azzarello. This comic has recently started to get some love within the collecting community.

100 Bullets 1 Comic Vertigo

2099 Manifest Destiny

First Moon Knight 2099.

Being from the late 1990s, this comic can be slightly more difficult to find compared to other books. This features the first appearance of Moon Knight 2099, and fans of Moon Knight are starting to notice this issue.

Adventures of Superman 500

Platinum (Black and Grey Bag) Variant.

This is the harder-to-find, platinum variant which was not as widely available as the regular edition of this comic. The unbagged version of this looks slightly more grey than usual.

Adventures of Superman 500 Platinum Edition (bagged)

Akira 37 (Epic)

Low Print.

Towards the end of this run, there were massive delays in releasing the final issues of Akira, so the later issues were not bought by as many readers, since a lot had already dropped off. This caused the final issues to have lower prints and become more valuable on the aftermarket.

Akira 38 (Epic)

Last Issue, Low Print.

Following the previous example, this issue experienced the most delays upon release and many readers were not interested in finishing the title due to the delays, leading those who picked up this title, later on, to pursue it to finish their collection.

Alf 48

Controversial Cover.

This cover has become a meme within the comic book collecting community as it can be interpreted in several ways. This is also a later issue in the run, making it difficult to find due to the low print distribution.

Alita Battle Angel 1

First US Alita.

Alita is a popular character in Japan, and recently gained more of a cult following in the west with the release of a CG movie. This caused this comic book to go up in value.

Amazing Spider-Man 361

Second Print (Silver Cover).

This features the first appearance of Carnage, but please note that this silver cover is not the first print, but a later released second print, which is not as valuable as the regular white cover.

Amazing Spider-Man 361

First Appearance of Carnage.

This is the 1st printing of the first appearance of Carnage (Cletus Kasady), the popular spawn of Venom. The character needs no introduction, as he quickly became a fan favorite and recently became the villain in the second Venom movie.

Amazing Spider-Man 365

First Appearance of Spider-Man 2099.

This features the 1st appearance of Spider-Man 2099. While the print run is high, many fans want this book so they can add another 1st appearance to their collection. Make sure the issue has the poster before selling it.

Amazing Spider-Man 400

White Variant.

Featuring the "death" of Aunt May (she would eventually return), this is the harder-to-find white, limited edition variant cover that was not as widely available as the regular grey cover. The newsstand edition of ASM 400 also has some value.

Amazing Spider-Man 408

Variant Sealed with Ramones Tape.

This is the variant cover that was distributed in a bag with a Ramones cassette tape. The comic book itself usually sells for more if it is in the bag and includes the original tape.

Amazing Spider-Man 410

First Spider-Carnage.

This issue has Spider-Man (at the time Ben Reilly) being infected by the Carnage symbiote and becoming the new host for the creature. Carnage/Venom fans have taken notice of this issue and it has gone up recently.

Amazing Spider-Man 430

First Silver Surfer Carnage

Following up with our previous entry, this issue features Silver Surfer being infected with the Carnage symbiote. It also has a lower print run, making it more desirable among Carnage collectors.

Amazing Spider-Man 431

Silver Surfer Carnage.

A continuation of the Silver Carnage storyline, this features the Silver Surfer trying to get rid of the symbiote. This issue also has a lower print run.

Amazing Spider-Man 1

Marvel Authentix Variant.

There were a few variants for Amazing Spider-Man 1 when volume 2 was launched in the late 1990s, but this one is the most desirable. Some can be found with sketches in the lower box which may increase the value, depending on who did the sketch.

Batgirl Adventures 1

Early Harley Quinn.

This issue features an early appearance of Harley Quinn (out of DC continuity) as well as a great cover.

Batman 457

First Tim Drake as Robin (Second Print + Newsstand).

While the other versions of this comic are extremely common and low in value, this version is by far the most difficult to find and desired. Many have said that there are less than 600 copies of this version printed. Please note that the comic needs to be the newsstand (which has the date next to the barcode) AND the 2nd print (the 2nd print says "New Robin Issue" at the top).

Batman 567

First Cassie Cain Batgirl.

Featuring the return of Batgirl after a long absence from the DC Universe, this version has Cassandra Cain take the mantle.

Batman Adventures 12

First Harley Quinn.

One of the most desired comic books from the 1990s, this features the first comic book appearance of Harley Quinn (out of DC continuity). Please note that Harley Quinn first appears in the Batman Animated Series which this comic is based.

Batman Beyond 1

First Appearance in Comics.

Similar to our previous entry, this comic book features the first appearance of Terry McGuinness as Batman Beyond in comic books. The character first appears in the animated show, but this comic has gained popularity. Note that the regular direct edition sells for more, while the Six Flags edition sells for considerably less.

Batman Beyond 1 1999 1st Batman Beyond in Comics

Batman Beyond 6

First Appearance of Inque.

This features the first comic book appearance of the villain Inque, who also appears first in the Batman Beyond Animated Series. This also has a lower print run.

Batman Beyond 6, 1st Inque

Batman Harley Quinn 1

First Harley Quinn in DC Continuity.

This comic book features a classic Joker cover from the legendary Alex Ross but more importantly features the first time we see Harley Quinn in the DC Universe continuity. Please note that multiple prints of this exist and the 1st sells for the most. Check the inside of the front cover for the printing number.

Batman Long Halloween 1

Classic Story.

The classic storyline from Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, this comic is the inspiration for the Robert Pattinson Batman movie.

Batman Long Halloween 1 comic book

Batman Adventures Mad Love 1

Early Harley Quinn (1st Print).

Featuring the classic story by Paul Dini, this is the 2nd appearance of Harley Quinn in comic books (out of DC continuity). Please note that the 2nd print has a completely different cover, but also has some value.

Batman Vengeance of Bane 1

First Bane (1st Print).

One of Batman's greatest villains, Bane first makes his appearance here. He would then cause a major breakout in Arkham Asylum (Knightfall) following this story to solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with. The 2nd and 3rd prints of this issue aren't as valuable as the 1st print but still have some value. Check the upper left corner for the printing number (the 2nd and 3rd have roman numerals II or III).

Battle Chasers 1

Joe Mad Variant.

This was a variant for Another Universe and features 2 different versions. One version has the tattoo in gold and another has it in red. Both versions have about the same value.

Black Knight 1 (1990)

First Solo Series.

This features Black Knight (Dane Whitman) in his first-ever solo title. The character has gained popularity with his addition to the Eternals movie.

Black Panther 1 (1998)

First Okoye, Dora Milaje.

An underrated comic for a long while, this features the first appearances of many popular characters that would shine in the Black Panther and Marvel movies.

Black Widow 1

First Yelena Belova Black Widow.

Following her appearance in the Black Widow movie, the new Black Widow's first appearance has gone up in value. There is a Dynamic Forces variant that is more valuable as well as another variant. The variants have Yelena Belova on the cover.

Black Widow 1, First New Black Widow

Blade 1 (1994)

First Solo Blade Series.

After almost 20 years in comics, this issue featured Blade the Vampire Hunter in his first solo series. The comic has become popular among collectors as they expect Blade to make an appearance in future Marvel movies.

Bloodshot 0 Gold

Gold Logo Variant.

Valiant comics from the 1990s are generally low-value comics, but a few of the gold variant covers have some worth.

Bone 1

First Bone (1st Print).

This indy darling character has always been popular with comic fans, and the 1st print can be very tough to find. There are multiple printings of the 1st issue and most don't have much value. Issues 2-5 of the series also have some value.

Bongo Comics SDCC Ashcan

First Simpsons Comic.

This very difficult-to-find ashcan was only available at San Diego Comic-Con 1993. It was limited to 750 copies and is essentially the first Bongo Comic, which would go on to publish the Simpsons and Futurama Comics. This rarely goes up for sale online.

Carnage Mind Bomb 1

Hard to Find.

This popular one-shot has recently gone up due to attention from Carnage collectors.

Carnage 1, First Solo Title, Hard to Find 1996

Cavewoman 1

First Cavewoman.

This features the first appearance of Cavewoman by Budd Root. This indy character would be popular, mostly for the covers and artwork. Issues 2-6 also have some value. Some hard-to-find Cavewoman nude variant covers have some worth to them as well.

Cliffhanger 12

J Scott Campbell, Italian Variant.

This is another example of a J Scott Campbell cover that can be valuable due to his popularity. This variant was only available for sale in Italy, making it hard to find.

Conan the Barbarian 275

Last Issue, Low Print.

This is essentially the end of the long, Marvel Comics run on Conan the Barbarian. There would be some more attempts with the character at Marvel, but he would eventually move to Dark Horse (he's now back at Marvel these days though). This issue has a lower print run and is essential to finish your Conan set.

Creatures of the ID 1

First Madman.

Madman was created by Mike Allred and this comic book has the first appearance of Frank Einstein who would go on to become Madman. Other issues feature early prototypes for Madman as well, but this is the most valuable.

Cry for Dawn 1

First Dawn (1st Print).

This is the first appearance of Dawn by Joseph Michael Linsner. There are multiple printings of this issue, and most have value (the 2nd and 3rd printings have arguably better covers as well). Please note that there are counterfeits of the first print, so please be cautious when purchasing/selling.

Cry for Dawn 3

Hard to Find, Convention Variant.

This is an extremely difficult-to-find convention variant for Cry for Dawn 3. This issue has a xerox cover, and some versions feature interior sketches from Joseph Michael Linsner. For obvious reasons, there are counterfeits of this comic, so be cautious when buying. An easier way to verify its authenticity is to have an expert check and verify if the sketch inside the comic is legit (the sketches can be hard to fake).

Cyberfrog Hall of Heroes 1

First Ethan Van Sciver Work.

This independent title can be tough to find for fans of Ethan Van Sciver's artwork.

Danger Girl 1

Campbell Chromium Go-Go Variant Cover.

This Go-Go Chrome variant cover from J Scott Campbell was limited and anything that was limited and featured art by Campbell usually goes up in value.

Danger Girl 1 Chromium Variant

Danger Girl 2

Smoking Gun, Ruby Red Variant.

Following the previous entry, we have another limited J Scott Campbell variant cover. This one is the Ruby Red variant which features a red logo. Note that there are a few versions of this cover with different logos and all have some value, but this version has the most worth.

Danger Girl 2, Ruby Red Campbell Variant

Daredevil 1

Marvel Authentix Variant.

This marks the beginning of the second volume of Daredevil with a great run by Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada. This variant is similar to The Amazing Spider-Man variant we mentioned earlier.

Daredevil 9

First Echo (Maya Lopez).

This issue has the first appearance of Maya Lopez from David Mack and Joe Quesada. This comic was in most dollar bins for a long time until recently when it was announced that Lopez would become the new Phoenix. The character is also slated for her TV show on Disney.

Darker Image Red Ashcan

First Appearance of the Maxx.

The regular versions of Darker Image are mostly worth nothing (except the Platinum), but this red ashcan has a good amount of value due to its limited run.

Darker Image 1 (Platinum Edition)

First Appearance of the Maxx. While most versions of this comic don't have any value, the platinum foil variant of this book has some value since it features the first (non-preview) appearance of the Maxx.

Darkhawk 50

Last Issue, Low Print Run.

A character that seems to have become very popular over the past few years, this issue is the last of the series and features a low print run.

Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998

First Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The popular TV show character makes her first appearance in comics in this issue. The character would go on to have Seasons 8 and up published in comic book format written by creator Joss Whedon.

Deadpool 1 (1997)

First Ongoing Deadpool Comic.

The first solo ongoing title for the Deadpool character. This features the writing of Joe Kelly who would give birth to the wise-cracking, whacky Deadpool we all know.

Deadpool 11 (1997)

Amazing Fantasy 15 Homage.

If you take a popular cover such as Amazing Fantasy 15 and have a popular character like Deadpool in an homage to it, then it is bound to have fans and collectors interested.

Deathmate 1 Gold

First Gen 13.

Not many Image and Valiant comics from the early 1990s are worth much and this comic has slight value only because it is a slightly harder-to-find variant that features the first appearance of Gen 13 by J Scott Campbell.

Dime Press 4

First Hellboy (Not in the USA).

Hellboy's first appearance can be debated by fans, and this is one of those that has many fans conflicted. This Italian comic book features the first appearance of Hellboy, but not in the USA.

Dragon Ball Z 1 (Viz)

First Western Dragon Ball Z Comic.

Dragon Ball is easily one of the most popular animes ever, and this features the first time we got a comic released in the USA. The book still reads like manga, however. Note that the 1st print has the most value.

Dreamwalker 0

First Appearance of the Goon.

Another difficult book to find, this comic book features the first appearance of the Goon by Eric Powell. The character is another popular indy darling among the comic community.

Elseworlds 80 Page Giant 1

Recalled, Hard to Find.

This is a harder-to-find recalled comic from 1999.

Elseworlds 80 PG Giant Comic

Evil Ernie 1 (Eternity)

First Evil Ernie and Lady Death.

This comic book features the first appearances of Evil Ernie and the popular Lady Death by Brian Pulido. Lady Death has become one of the more popular characters over the years with many variant covers and mini-series titles.

Evil Ernie 2-5 (Eternity)

Early Lady Death. Low Prints

Issues 2-5 of Evil Ernie feature early appearances from Lady Death as well as a few early covers.

Fantastic Four 353

First Mr. Mobius.

This comic features the first appearance of Mr. Mobius of the Time Variance Authority. The comic has cooled off but may go back up with the next season of the Loki TV show.

Gambit 1

All Gold Variant.

This limited variant features an all-gold cover and is the first solo title for the popular X-Men character. Note that the regular edition of this comic has little value.

Gargoyles 1

First Comic Appearance.

The popular Disney cartoon from the 1990s had its characters make their first comic book appearances in this issue, and collectors are starting to take notice.

Gen 13 1

Rolling Stones Homage Variant Cover

This variant cover features an homage to the Janet Jackson Rolling Stones cover, making it have some cross-appeal among collectors. Note that there are other variants from the first issue of Gen 13 (and a couple of other issues) that have some value, but this is the most desirable.

Ghost Rider 93

Low Print.

The final issue of the Danny Ketch Ghost Rider series from the 1990s, this book has a lower print run and can be very hard to find.

GI Joe 150-154

Low Prints.

The final few issues of the Marvel GI Joe series can be hard to find due to lower print runs.

GI Joe 155

Last Issue, Low Print.

This last issue of the Marvel run of GI Joe says goodbye to the team as we see the GI Joe comic books take a break for a few years until Image would take over.

GI Joe Special 1

Low Print, McFarlane Art.

Released towards to end of the Marvel run of GI Joe, this also features a lower print run and has an homage to Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man 1 as well as interior McFarlane art.

Goon 1 (Avatar)

First Goon Series.

Eric Powell's popular indy character makes his solo debut in this hard-to-find issue.

Green Lantern 48

First Kyle Rayner.

The beginning of the classic Emerald Twilight storyline sees Hal Jordan use his ring to attempt to resurrect his fallen city with major consequences. This also has the first appearance of the Lantern who would take his place, Kyle Rayner.

Harbinger 0 (pink)

Mail away Variant.

This is the mail-away variant cover. Please note that there is another Harbinger 0 that was not a mail-away, which does not have any value.

Harbinger 1

First Harbinger Team.

This early Valiant issue sees the first appearance of the Harbinger team. Please note that there is a major price difference between copies that have the mail-away coupon inside and copies that are missing the coupon.

Hellboy Seed of Destruction 1

First Solo Hellboy.

This features the 1st solo Hellboy appearance. The character may not be as popular as any Marvel or DC characters, but he has his fans.

Incredible Hulk 377

Third Print.

This extremely low-print comic has been sought out by collectors due to its difficulty to find in higher grades. Please note that the 1st and 2nd prints of this issue are easy to find, and sell for significantly less.

Incredible Hulk 441

Pulp Fiction Homage.

Another comic book with cross-appeal, this comic features an homage to Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

Incredible Hulk 449

First Thunderbolts.

This issue features the first appearance of the sometimes underappreciated Thunderbolts team, which would go on to give us some great stories in the future.

Incredible Hulk vs Venom 1


This mail-away features a cool fight between the two characters that fans just love.

Inhumans 5

First Yelena Belova Black Widow in Cameo.

This issue features the first appearance of the new Black Widow in a cameo before her appearance in the Black Widow title we mentioned earlier.

Inhumans 5, First New Black Widow

Iron Man 282

First War Machine.

This comic has Jim Rhodes don the War Machine armor for the first time. The hero would become popular with comic fans and would make appearances in Marvel movies.

Jason vs Leatherface 1


A comic book with good appeal to horror fans. This issue has Jason go up against Leatherface in a fan-favorite crossover.

Kabuki 1

J Scott Campbell Variant Cover.

Another popular J Scott Campbell variant cover. This issue can be a little more difficult to find at times.

Kabuki 1 J Scott Campbell Variant Cover

Legend of Zelda 1

First Zelda comic.

We have another example of the theme of popular video game characters making their appearance on this list, and this comic features the first appearances of Zelda and Link in comic books.

Malibu Sun 13

First Spawn (Preview).

Spawn is probably one of the most well-known indy characters in comic books, and this comic book features his first appearance in a preview.

Malibu Sun 13 (Error)

Green Spawn on Back.

This is the same as our previous entry but features a rare error that has Spawn in green on the back cover. The regular edition has Spawn in his normal red.

Man of Steel 18

Fourth and Fifth Prints.

Most prints of this comic book are easy to find, but the later 4th and 5th prints can be a little harder to find, so they can sell for more.

Marvel Age 97

First Darkhawk.

This features the first appearance of the Marvel character Darkhawk (in a preview).

Marvel Age 98

Toxic Avenger Preview.

The popular cult movie character makes his comic book debut (preview) in this issue.

Marvel Collectible Classics: Avengers 1

Reprints Avengers 1 (1998, George Perez)

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This is arguably the least desirable of the series.

Marvel Collectible Classic Avengers 1 Chromium

Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-Man 1

Reprints Amazing Spider-Man 300

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This is arguably the most desirable of the series with a reprint of the first Venom, Amazing Spider-Man 300.

Marvel Collectible Classic Amazing Spider-Man 300 Chromium Reprint

Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-Man 2

Reprints Spider-Man 1 from Todd McFarlane

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This issue features the reprint of Spider-Man 1 from Todd Mcfarlane.

Marvel Collectible Classic Spider-Man 2, Reprints Todd McFarlane

Marvel Collectible Classics: Spider-Man 2

Reprints Spider-Man 1 from Todd McFarlane

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This is is the hard-to-find black costume variant cover to our previous entry.

Marvel Collectible Classics Spider-Man 2, Black Costume

Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men 1

Reprints X-Men 1, 2 Original Story by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This reprints issues 1 and 2 of the original X-Men series from Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Marvel Collectible Classic X-Men Reprints X-Men 1 Stan lee Jack Kirby

Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men 2

Reprints Uncanny X-Men 141, 142, Classic Claremont, Byrne Story

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This reprints the classic Days of Future Past storyline from Claremont and Byrne.

Marvel Collectible Classic X-Men 2 Reprints Uncanny X-Men 141 142

Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men 3

Reprints Uncanny X-Men 137, Death of Dark Phoenix

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This reprints the classic Death of Phoenix (Jean Grey) storyline from Claremont and Bryne.

Marvel Collectible Classic X-Men 3 Reprints Uncanny X-Men 137

Marvel Collectible Classics: X-Men 4

Reprints X-Men 25 (Wolverine, Fatal Attractions)

The Marvel Collectible Classics series was released in 1998 and features chrome cover reprints of many popular Marvel comics. This reprints the Fatal Attractions storyline where Magneto pulls out the Adamantium from Wolverine's body.