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not sure which CARD GAMES we're buying? HERE are some examples

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Pokemon Chansey Card

Pokemon is a worldwide phenomenon that has been around since the late 1990s. It exists in various forms of media such as TV, games, and cards. We purchase all Pokemon cards, whether they are 1st edition base set cards or brand new cards from the latest release. 

We prefer to buy Pokemon cards in lots, depending on the collection. If you have base set cards, or graded individual cards, we can purchase individually as well. 

Yugioh Dark Magician Girl

Yugioh is another popular card game that has been around for almost 20 years. It is not as well known as Pokemon, but it has a very dedicated base of collectors and fans. You can see many people participating in card game tournaments using Yugioh (as well as Pokemon) in your local comic stores or conventions.

We purchase all Yugioh cards. Most cards from this series are not extremely valuable, so we prefer to purchase them in lots. However, if you have a rare, original, graded (or possibly ungraded) card, we may be interested in purchasing it individually.

Ken Griffey Zion Cards

Sports cards as a hobby is older than comic books and has many varieties (basketball is our personal favorite). While vintage cards are more likely to be valuable, there are now many limited edition, modern cards that have gotten the attention of collectors. Sports cards have become very popular among collectors, and they continue to grow.

We purchase all sports cards and memorabilia. We prefer to buy most in larger lots as the vast majority are not extremely valuable. If you own any vintage rookie, limited edition, or graded cards, we may purchase them individually. We also purchase sealed packs and boxes of various lines.

Don't see what you have here? Don't worry, we purchase much more than what is pictured. SubZero Comics buys all Magic the Gathering cards, Marvel/DC cards, WWE memorabilia, TV/Movie cards, and much more.


We purchase cards in lots, or individually depending on what you have. We can buy sealed packs or boxes as well. Not sure what to do with your collection? Give us a call for a fair and free appraisal.

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