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Grading your games

Have any questions about grading? Or need help with an appraisal?

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Looking to grade your video games and need to know if it is worth it? Grading video games is very expensive and only the most valuable, sealed games should be graded.


If you have games that are worth $50-100 and they are in less than mint condition, then it is advised that you do not grade those games. The cost of the grading would be too high and the value would not increase by enough to make it worth what you have spent.

WATA uses a similar scale for grading as CGC does for comics with most of the highest graded games being 9.8. They also assign a grade to the seal (A+++ to C). They grade sealed games, manuals, and loose cartidges.

Wata Games Grading

Here we will use an example of a PS4 game and SNES cartridge to evaluate the grading system used by WATA. If you have a game that is "case fresh", then chances are that the game itself will get a 9.0 or better, and the more important grade becomes the seal.


The integrity of the seal defines the grade. If the seal is perfect and has no holes or issues, then it should receive an A+++. The more holes and scratches the seal has the more it affects the grade.

In regards to loose cartridges. You will look for similar defects as most collectibles such as dings, stains, tears (to the label), stratches, etc. It would be advised to refrain from grading cartridges unless you have something rare.

Gintama Rumble Game
Super Mario World SNES

Here are some examples of a seal that is in better condition, however, if observed closely (under a flashlight) you will see scratches to the seal, which would deduct from the letter grade.


When you have older games, it is likely that sealed games have some kind of wear to the wrap, and so getting a grade higher than B for a sealed game isn't common.

If you are not sure about grading your video games, then be sure to give us a call or email. We can evaluate your games and let you know if it is a suitable option to send them to WATA or VGA.

Sealed Game Grading
PS4 Sealed Game

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