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Having a big collection of comic books, toys, or video games can be tough. If you're looking to sell any of your collectibles, then it can be hard to find a starting point and even more difficult to know the value of your collection. Most online price guides can charge a monthly fee, but we provide you with guides of the most valuable comics, toys, and video games. This makes searching through your collection much easier. You can look for specific valuable items without wasting time.

Please note that we have done our best to include the most valuable collectibles from specific periods, however, our lists are not all-inclusive but are a good starting point. If you find something from our value guides, then be sure to do more research to find the exact values of your comics, toys, and video games.

Free Comic Book Pricing Guide

Free Action Figure Pricing Guide

Free Video Game Pricing Guide

Amazing Fantasy 15, Silver Age Comic

Please know that price guides should not be used as your sole means of pricing, and your item might be worth more or less than listed, depending on condition and rarity. Some rare comic books can go for more than listed if they are hard to find, while others can go for less if there is a big supply.

Video games and toys can be the same as comic books in regards to valuing. Sealed video games can be rare, depending on the game, but certain video games are very common and may be difficult to sell. 

Certain toys, video games, and comic books can increase in value from grading, but please note that grading is expensive and does not guarantee the value of your comics or other collectibles to go up. If you need advice on grading, be sure to check out our grading guide.

While these tips might be of help, it might still be difficult to identify a valuable comic, so if you need advice or an appraisal, then feel free to call or text us at (973) 931-1471 or email

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