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Give us a call or text at
(973) 931-1471 or email us at 

What comics do we buy?


Personal comic collections

Inherited comic collections

Old comic store Inventory 

Graded single issues

Individual key comics

Trade paperbacks

Manga collections (English)

Comic book artwork

What are we most interested in?


Anything related to comic books! Older comics are great, but we love newer comics as well (unlike most other dealers). The only preference with comics from the 1980s and up is that they are sold at least 1,000 comics at a time, but this might not be necessary depending on the collection. 

What are considered to be personal comic book collections? 

A personal comic book collection is what you might have accumulated over the years. These can range in size from 2 books to 20,0000 comics and beyond. 

Are your comic books considered old? 

While the word can be subjective, in the world of comic books, "old" is usually used to describe comic books from the 1930s to the 1960s. If you have comics from the 1970s, their age is usually debatable among collectors. Please note, however, that comic books from the 1980s, 1990s and newer are generally not considered to be old in the collecting world. 

What comics are usually most valuable? 

Comic books from the 1960s and older are usually most valuable. Content also matters. If you have a comic book featuring a cartoon character from the 1960s, it will most likely be less valuable than a Spider-Man comic from the same time period.

Does grade matter when it comes to comic books? 

Yes. Like most collectibles, the grade is very important. If you have a comic book that is a 2.0, it will be worth much less than a comic that is a 9.0. See our guide if you need help determining the grade of your comic(s). Generally, most comics from the 1980s and up can be found in 7.0 condition or better, since they were conserved/collected, but that is not always guaranteed.

I found some holographic or "shiny" comics. Are they worth money?

Generally speaking, comics with shiny or holographic covers were printed in high numbers and most have very little value. They sold well, and were preserved by collectors hoping to use them as investments, so the supply is high with the demand being relatively low for most books.

How do I identify an older comic book?

Comic books from the 1980s have a cover price ranging from 60 cents to 1 dollar. 

Comics from the 1970s have a cover price ranging from 15 cents to 50 cents.

Comics from the 1960s have a cover price of mostly 12 cents as well as 10 and 15 cents.

Comics from the 1930s to 1950s have a cover price of 10 cents.

How do I sell my collection of 1980s and 1990s comics? 

A personal comic book collection from the 1980s and 1990s can be difficult to sell. While you may have a few comics from that time period worth money, a large majority of the books will have very little to no value. It is recommended to sell the entire collection of modern comics as one lot, rather than splitting it up. This will allow you to get rid of the lower-end comics with minimal hassle.

How do I sell a single valuable comic book?

We pay cash and top dollar for single, valuable comics of significance, but if you prefer to go a different route, then you can always call a major auction house like Heritage. Auction houses will take a fee of 10-30% of the final sale.

Should I grade my comic books? 

Sending your comic books to CGC or CBCS can be a difficult decision. A vast majority of comics aren't worth grading. Only comics that are significant and/or the highest grade (ex: 9.8) are worth grading. If you need advice on grading your comic books, be sure to contact us. We are an authorized dealer for both CGC and CBCS.

Should I ship my comics to someone or sell them locally? 

It is always preferred to sell your comic collection locally. Shipping them to even a reputable dealer can present problems such as a disagreement on grade. It is also best to get cash from someone on the spot, rather than rely on them to send PayPal or some other form of payment.

What makes SubZero Comics different from other comic buyers? 

Most other comic book buyers are only interested in purchasing comic books from the 1970s and older, but we buy comics from the 1980s and up and pay cash (others pay using check).

How can I get a free appraisal of my comic book collection? 

Getting an appraisal can be easy through us. Just call us to give an idea of what you have. We will then ask you to spread out a few comics on a table and send group pictures via text message or email. This will give us a good idea and we can give you a proper appraisal for no charge or hassle. If you need any advice beyond that we can always provide more help.

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