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200 of the Most Valuable 1970s Comics in 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Comics from the 1970s can be quite valuable if you have the right books, but there are still plenty of issues that aren't worth much. The 1970s saw comic books taking a shift. This decade would have many of the children who read comics in the previous decades grow up and there would start a small collector's market that would bloom by the end of the decade. This decade also saw the first appearances of now-popular superheroes such as Wolverine and the Punisher. Print runs for comics also increased as new collectors entered the market. Today, old and new collectors will actively pursue these issues of significance to add to their collections.

You might be wondering how to identify a comic book from the 1970s. All you need to do to find out the published date of a comic book is to look at the cover price. Note that heavy inflation started in the 70s, which is why we saw cover prices start to rise. If you have anything with a cover price of 50 cents or more, then it's likely that it wasn't published in the 70s, but rather in the 80s or 90s.

Comics with a cover price of 15 cents were published from 1969 thru 1972.

Comics with a cover price of 20 cents were published from 1972 thru 1975.

Comics with a cover price of 25 cents were published from 1975 thru 1976.

Comics with a cover price of 30 cents were published from 1976 thru 1977.

Comics with a cover price of 35 cents were published from 1977 thru 1978.

Comics with a cover price of 40 cents were published from 1978 thru 1980.

There are many exceptions to the comic age cover price rule. An example would be Giant-Size X-Men 1 which was published in 1975 but has a cover price of 50 cents. This is because larger, double-sized comics or magazines will usually have a higher cover price than normal. If you find something like this, then just open the comic to the first page. Then check the copyright date on the fine print toward the bottom part of the page.

If you've found that your comics are from the 1970s, then you may have something that has value (especially when compared to 80s and 90s comics). The next part is to see if you have any comic books of significance. This would mean that the comic you have featured the first appearance of an important character (ex: Wolverine) or has a classic cover.

The list we've provided has 200 of the most valuable 1970s comics. While this guide isn't all-inclusive, it covers a large majority of the most valuable comics from the decade. Please note that there may be some books missing from this list, but we've done our research and tried our best to make a comprehensive guide. The list is in alphanumerical order. It doesn't include most magazines, runs/sets, underground comics, or manga.

Also, note that if you have anything in lower grade, then try to price accordingly. If you have anything from this list in high grades (ex: 9.0 or better), then it will be worth more. Use our grade consultation guide as well as our comic grading guide to determine the condition of your books.

Due to market volatility, we have decided to remove all prices from our guides. If you see something on our lists, then be sure to check eBay's sold listings to find comparable books to yours. Basically, you can use this guide for entertainment, but don't use it for anything more than that. And if you don't agree with any prices you find online, then you're welcome to sell your comics for whatever you'd like.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LIST IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. DO NOT USE OUR GUIDES WHEN MAKING FINANCIAL DECISIONS. If you're looking to cut out the hassle of selling your comics online, and just want some free opinions (for entertainment purposes only), be sure to give us a call, text, or email. We also buy comic book collections, so be sure to contact us if you're looking to sell any comics. That being said, let's get on to our list of the 200 most valuable comics from the 1970s.

2000 AD Prog 2

First Appearance of Judge Dredd.

This sometimes underappreciated comic has the first appearance of Judge Dredd. Note that this comic was sold only in the UK and looks like a mix between a newspaper and a comic book. It can sell for good money whenever it goes up for sale. It can be tough to find in the USA outside of auctions.

2001 Space Odyssey 8

First Machine Man.

This comic book features the first appearance of Machine Man (originally called X-51) by Jack Kirby, who would become a mainstay in the Marvel Universe. This book wasn't worth much for a long time but recently saw a bump in price.

Adventure into Fear 10

Early Man-Thing.

While Man-Thing first appears in Savage Tales 1 (a magazine-sized comic), Adventure into Fear 10 has an early solo appearance from the character. This issue pre-dates the character's first solo title by almost 2 years.

Adventure into Fear 19

First Howard the Duck.

This issue has the first appearance of the lovable Marvel character, Howard the Duck. The character would have his own cult-classic 1980s movie as well as appearances in the more recent Marvel movies.

Air Pirates Funnies 1

Disney Lawsuit Issue.

Air Pirates Funnies 1 features Mickey and Minnie Mouse in some rather unscrupulous situations. The two issues of this title would be published without the consent of Disney. It would lead to a lawsuit that would prevent future sales of this comic making it tougher to find.

Air Pirates Funnies 2

Disney Lawsuit Issue.

This comic continues to have Mickey and Minnie Mouse engaging in unlawful activities. The two issues of this title would be published without the consent of Disney. It would lead to a lawsuit that would prevent future sales of this comic making it tougher to find.

All-Star Comics 58

First Power-Girl.

All-Star Comics 58 features the first appearance of Power-Girl who would go on to become a regular in the DC Universe. The character still seems rather underappreciated (like many DC superheroes) and this book still has some potential.

All-Star Western 10

First Jonah Hex.

This comic features the first appearance of the sometimes underappreciated western character, Jonah Hex. We feel like this book is slightly undervalued, but mostly because western comics aren't very popular. It didn't help that the character had a movie that was globally panned.

Amazing Adventures 11

First Beast with Fur.

Amazing Adventures 11 has the popular mutant character (Beast) with his iconic fur for the first time, which makes it a must if you're an X-Men collector.

Amazing Spider-Man 97

Drug Awareness Issue.

Amazing Spider-Man 97 can sell for more than many other issues because it features the classic drug story, which was controversial enough to be published without approval from the Comics Code Authority.

Amazing Spider-Man 98

Drug Awareness Issue.

Same as our previous issue, this book has a classic drug awareness story that was also unapproved by the Comics Code Authority.

Amazing Spider-Man 100

First Six-Arm Spider-Man.

Spider-Man decides that he doesn't want his powers anymore, so he tries something which ends up backfiring. This leads to the character growing 2 extra arms, making him even more deserving of the moniker of Spider-Man. This is also the 100th-anniversary issue.

Amazing Spider-Man 101

First Morbius.

Amazing Spider-Man 101 has the first appearance of the popular Spider-Man villain known as Morbius the Living Vampire. The comic has always had some value, but lately, it has seen a jump due to movie hype. The movie was a flop which caused the book to come back down.

Amazing Spider-Man 102

Origin of Morbius.

This comic continues where the previous issue left off and features an origin story for Morbius. It also continues the 6-arm Spider-Man story.

Amazing Spider-Man 119

Spider-Man vs Hulk.

Amazing Spider-Man 119 has Spider-Man go against the Hulk and has a great deal of cross-appeal among collectors of both characters.

Amazing Spider-Man 120

Spider-Man vs Hulk.

The second part of the story continues from Amazing Spider-Man 119. Most collectors will pursue this issue to complete the 2-part story.

Amazing Spider-Man 121

Death of Gwen Stacy.

The classic turning point in the Spider-Man stories, Amazing Spider-Man 121 has the death of Spider-Man's love interest at the hands of the Green Goblin. This issue has always been valuable due to its significance. It's become even more popular with the newer Spider-Gwen character.

Amazing Spider-Man 122

Death of Green Goblin.

Continuing the story from the previous issue, here we have Spider-Man go up against Green Goblin after the death of Gwen Stacy. The Goblin would end up dying in this issue after being impaled by his glider. This issue isn't as valuable as the previous entry, because Norman Osborn would return in the 90s.

Amazing Spider-Man 124

First Man-Wolf.

This comic book has the first appearance of John Jameson (son of J Jonah Jameson) as the Man-Wolf. We think this issue has some potential as we have yet to see any movie or TV appearances from the character.

Amazing Spider-Man 129

First Punisher.

Amazing Spider-Man 129 needs no introduction as it features the first appearance of the very popular character known as The Punisher (Frank Castle). The comic has been valuable for decades but seems to keep going up. This is mostly because the Punisher character is popular among the general public (non-collector) as well as comic fans. Make sure your copy of this comic is original as it has been reprinted several times.

Amazing Spider-Man 149

First Ben Reilly.

Amazing Spider-Man 149 is part of the original Clone Saga storyline. It has the first appearance of Spider-Man's clone (later known as Ben Reilly). Marvel would pick the story back up in the 90s with less than stellar results. Today the Ben Reilly character has become popular, so this issue has gone up in price.

Amazing Spider-Man 194

First Black Cat.

Amazing Spider-Man 194 features the first appearance of the very popular Black Cat character. While the character is a very obvious Catwoman rip-off, she has become very popular today. Black Cat would become a love interest for Spider-Man, and a popular ally to the web-slinger.

Archie 271

Classic Innuendo Cover.

Archie 271 has a rather interesting cover that has caught the attention of collectors. We won't go into detail about what is being said (we'll let you figure it out).

Astonishing Tales 6

First Barbara Morse (Mockingbird).

Astonishing Tales 6 has the first appearance of Barbara Morse, who would take the persona of Mockingbird a few years later. The character hasn't made any major appearances in Marvel TV or movies, so this comic might have future potential.

Astonishing Tales 25

First Deathlok.

The character of Deathlok makes his first appearance in Astonishing Tales 25. This comic also features the first professional work from the great artist, George Perez.

Avengers 80

First Red Wolf.

Avengers 80 has the first appearance of the Native American superhero (the first of his kind) Red Wolf. We wouldn't be surprised if the character makes an appearance in future Marvel movies or TV, so keep your eyes peeled.

Avengers 83

First Valkyrie.

This comic features the first appearance of the character who is a regular in Thor stories, Valkyrie. The book has been climbing a bit over the past few years.

Avengers 85

First Squadron Supreme.

Avengers 85 has the first appearance of Marvel's take on the Justice League of America, the Squadron Supreme. Note that the characters first appear as the Squadron Sinister in Avengers 70 a few years prior.

Avengers 87

Origin of Black Panther.

Avengers 87 has gone up over the past few years as it features an origin story and cover for the popular Black Panther character.

Avengers 112

First Mantis.

Here we have the first appearance of Mantis who would join the Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel movies. The Mantis character we see here is very different from what we see in the movies.

Avengers 144

First Patsy Walker as Hellcat.

Avengers 144 has gone up in the past few years as speculation seems to point to the character making future movie appearances. Note that Patsy Walker first appears in the Golden Age comic of Patsy Walker 1 (1945). This comic just has her don the Hellcat persona.

Avengers 181

First Scott Lang (Ant-Man).

This comic has the first appearance of Scott Lang. He is the character who would become the Ant-Man in the Marvel movies, so it's easy to see why this book is in demand. This story would continue in Marvel Premiere 47.

Avengers 186

First Appearance of Magda and Chthon, Origin of Scarlet Witch.

This comic features the origin of the Scarlet Witch and has recently seen a price jump as we will be exploring more of the character in future Marvel movies.

Batman 222

Beatle Homage Cover.

This is a great cover that addresses the rumors at the time which said that Paul McCartney of the Beatles had passed away and replaced in secret. That makes Batman 222 great among Beatles fans as well.

Batman 227

Classic Neal Adams Cover.

The cover for Batman 227 needs no introduction as it features Neal Adams' take on the classic Bob Kane cover for Detective Comics 31. The comic has always been in demand from collectors. It is also called a "classic cover" by CGC (rare for comics from the 70s).

Batman 232

First Ras Al Ghul.

The popular Demon's Head character makes his debut in this issue and immediately establishes himself as a force to be reckoned with. Batman 232 went up with the character's appearance in the classic Nolan Batman movies and the price has never come back down.

Batman 234

Return of Two-Face.

After a long absence from Batman comics, we finally see the official return of Two-Face and he doesn't waste time becoming one of the most popular Batman villains.

Batman 244

Classic Adams and O'Neil Story.

Batman 244 features a great Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams cover and story. The comic continues the build upon the great character that is Ras Al Ghul.

Batman 251

Classic Neal Adams Cover.

Another classic Neal Adams cover that needs no introduction. This comic is one of the latest books to get the "classic cover" designation from CGC.

Batman 313

First Tim Fox.

Batman 313 features the first appearance of Lucius Fox's son Tim Fox. The comic was a dollar bin issue for years until the character took the mantle of Batman in DC's Future State.

Batman Family 6

First Joker's Daughter.

This comic has cooled off over the years, but it features the first appearance of Duela Dent (Joker's Daughter), who we would see have a short run in the late 1970s thru the 1980s.

Black Panther 1

First Solo Black Panther Title.

The popular character makes his solo comic book debut with this issue. Note that this is the first solo title for the character, but is preceded by Jungle Action.

Captain America 217

First Marvel Man (Later Quasar).

Captain America 217 features the first appearance of Marvel Man (later renamed Quasar), who is rumored to make appearances in future Marvel projects.

Captain Britain 1

First Captain Britain (Brian Braddock).

This UK-exclusive comic book features the first appearance of Captain Britain and can be tough to find, due to it not being available in the USA.

Captain Britain 8

First Psylocke (Betsy Braddock).

Same as our previous entry, this issue was exclusive to the UK. It also features the first appearance of the popular X-Men character, Psylocke (Betsy Braddock).

Captain Marvel 26

First Thanos Cover.

The popular character, Thanos, who would take the world by storm with his appearances in the Avengers movies makes his first cover appearance with this comic book. Note that Captain Marvel 27 has recently gone up in value as well.

Captain Marvel 33

Origin of Thanos.

The Mad Titan's origin is revealed in this classic story by the great writer, Jim Starlin. The comic has cooled off a bit but can still sell for some cash.

Cerebus the Aardvark 1

First Cerebus the Aardvark.

The indy darling character, Cerebus, makes his debut in this issue by Dave Sim. This book is one of the rare titles to have only 1 writer/artist on it for decades. It's a very valuable 1970s comic and can sell for a lot of money but beware of counterfeits.

Conan the Barbarian 1

First Conan the Barbarian in Comics.

The popular Cimmerian makes his comic book debut in this book and becomes an instant success. This comic has slowly climbed to even higher prices over the last few years. Note that other early issues of Conan can sell for some money in high grades.

Conan the Barbarian 14

First Elric.

An overlooked comic for many years, this book features the first appearance of the villain Elric, who is a mainstay in Conan's stories.

Conan the Barbarian 23

First Red Sonja.

Red Sonja makes her debut in this comic, and much like Conan, she was an instant success and even had a popular movie in the 1980s. Note that this issue is called a cameo by some, but it is the first full appearance of Red Sonja as she is featured throughout the issue.

Conan the Barbarian 24

First Red Sonja Cover.

Conan 24 is considered by some to be the first full Red Sonja, but the character appears in a good portion of the previous issue, so we consider this issue to be the first Red Sonja cover only. This comic still has some good value.

Daredevil 131

First Bullseye.

One of Daredevil's greatest enemies, Bullseye, makes his debut in this comic book. The character is a fan favorite and was even a member of the Dark Avengers when he took the mantle of Hawkeye.

Daredevil 158

First Frank Miller in Title.

The classic Frank Miller run of Daredevil (a personal favorite) begins with this issue. Note that Frank Miller's first work on Daredevil is in Spectacular Spider-Man 27, but that issue isn't as valuable.

DC Superstars 11

First Solo Zatanna.

DC Superstars 11 has the first solo story for the fan-favorite character, Zatanna. The comic has recently gone up in value as some expect to see her in future projects.

DC Superstars 17

First Huntress.

DC Superstars 17 features the first appearance of the Huntress who was originally the daughter of Earth-2's Batman and Catwoman.

Deadly Hands of Kung Fu 19

First White Tiger.

This magazine-sized comic can be tough to find and it features the first appearance of the White Tiger character. Many expect big things from White Tiger.

Defenders 1

First Solo Defenders Title.

This comic is the beginning of a long run from the Defenders team and is a must if you're looking to finish your collection.

Defenders 10

Classic Thor vs Hulk Story.

A popular comic among collectors, Defenders 10 has the Hulk go up against Thor in a classic fight.

Demon 1

First Demon (Etrigan).

Demon 1 has the first appearance of Etrigan by Jack Kirby. The character might make more appearances in future projects as he is part of the popular mystical side of DC Comics.

Detective Comics 400

First Man-Bat.

Detective Comics 400 has the first appearance of the villain Man-Bat, who we haven't seen in any major movie or TV projects yet, so keep your eyes peeled. This comic also has art from Neal Adams.

Detective Comics 405

First League of Assassins.

Detective Comics 405 is interesting as it features the first appearance of the League of Assassins, who we would find out to be allied with Talia Al Ghul (see our next entry). It also has another great Neal Adams cover.

Detective Comics 411

First Talia Al Ghul.

Detective Comics 411 features the first appearance of Talia Al Ghul, who is the daughter of Ras Al Ghul, and Batman's love interest. She would go on to have a child with Bruce Wayne who would go on to become the current Robin (Damian Wayne).

Detective Comics 474

First Modern Deadshot.

This comic has the first appearance of the modern Deadshot character. The character first appears one time before this issue in Batman 59 way back in the Golden Age but did not have a costume.

Detective Comics 475

Classic Joker Story.

Detective Comics 475 has a great Joker cover and is the first part of the classic laughing fish storyline. Note that the next issue continues the story and is worth slightly less (this issue has the more popular cover).

Devil Dinosaur 1

First Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy.

This comic features the first appearance of Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur. This is another comic book that was in dollar bins for many years but has started to catch the attention of collectors as of late.

Doctor Strange 1

First Silver Dagger.

While Doctor Strange would have his first solo title a few years earlier, this comic has the character in a title that would go on for many years.

Doorway to Nightmare 1

First Madame Xanadu.

A very underappreciated issue for many years, this comic has the first appearance of the DC occult character, Madame Xanadu by artist Mike Kaluta. The book went up recently as there are talks for an upcoming TV show.

Eternals 1

First Eternals (Icarus).

Eternals 1 has cooled off a bit, but it still has some value as it features the first appearance of the Eternals team by Jack Kirby. Note that there is a 30-cent price variant that sells for more due to being harder to find.

Fantastic Four 94

First Agatha Harkness.

Fantastic Four 94 wasn't worth much for a long time, but the addition of Agatha Harkness to the Wandavision TV show has made the comic popular.

Fantastic Four 112

Classic Thing vs Hulk Story.

Here we see round 2 of the classic Hulk vs Thing fight as the two brutes see who is the strongest in Marvel. The issue has always been popular among collectors.

Fantastic Four 120

First Air-Walker.

The herald of Galactus, Air-Walker, makes his first appearance in Fantastic Four 120. Most Galactus books have been climbing in price lately.

Fantastic Four 211

First Terrax the Destroyer.

Similar to our previous example, this issue features the first appearance of another herald of Galactus, Terrax the Destroyer.

Fantasy Quarterly 1

First Elfquest.

This issue features the first appearance of the Elfquest characters by Richard and Wendy Pini. Prices for this comic in higher grades have seen more movement as of late.

Firestorm 1

First Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond).

This book still seems a little underpriced to us, as it features the first appearance of a mainstay in the DC Universe, Firestorm. Keep your eyes peeled as this comic has potential.

Firestorm 3

First Killer Frost.

Firestorm 3 features the first appearance of the popular villain Killer Frost. The comic has seen movement over the past few years as the character is a regular in the DC TV shows.

Foom 2

First Wolverine in Preview.

This issue features the first appearance of Wolverine in somewhat of a fan concept design, making it catch the attention of fans of the character. Note that Wolverine doesn't look like the character we know, but the concept is there.

Foom 10

First New X-Men in preview.

We see here the first appearance of the New X-Men team before Giant-Size X-Men 1. It can be tough to find, so it can sell for some money when it goes up for sale.

Forever People 1

First Full Darkseid.

Here we have the first full appearance of the Justice League villain, Darkseid, by Jack Kirby. The comic isn't worth as much as his cameo appearance, but can still command some cash online.

Ghost Rider 1

First Solo Ghost Rider Title.

Ghost Rider 1 has the flaming head demon in his first solo title. It also features the first appearance of Daimon Hellstrom in a cameo.

Giant-Size Chillers 1

First Lilith (Dracula's Daughter).

This comic was in most $5 bins for many years but has recently gone up in price. It's a must if you're a fan of the Marvel Dracula character. Lilith is also making more appearances and has a lead role in a Marvel video game.

Giant-Size Creatures 1

First Tigra.

There is a great deal of speculation that we will see Tigra in future Marvel movies or TV shows, causing Giant-Size Creatures 1 to climb in price in recent years.

Giant-Size Defenders 3

First Korvac.

This issue features the first appearance of the villain Korvac, and there is some speculation surrounding the character.

Giant-Size X-Men 1

First Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Thunderbird.

Giant-Size X-Men 1 doesn't need much of an introduction as it's very valuable and features the first appearance of the new X-Men team after the title took a bit of a break for several years. It has the first appearances of Nightcrawler, Storm, Colossus, and Thunderbird. We recommend grading this comic, especially if your copy looks nice.

Godzilla 1

First Godzilla Comic Book.

Godzilla 1 is the first comic book appearance of the popular monster. The comic was in dollar bins for many years until recently. Note that there is a 35-cent price variant for this comic that is worth much more.

Green Lantern 76

Classic O'Neil and Adams Stories Begin.

This comic book has the legendary team of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams begin their unforgettable run. A classic cover doesn't hurt either.

Green Lantern 85

Drug Story.

After the Comics Code Authority failed to approve Amazing Spider-Man 97 and 98, they learned their lesson and approved this issue as it shows the sidekick of Green Arrow, Speedy developing an addiction to drugs. Issue 86 continues the story and has value as well.

Green Lantern 87

First John Stewart.

This issue sees the first appearance of John Stewart as Green Lantern. The character would become a regular in DC Comics and would join the Justice League on multiple occasions.

House of Secrets 92

First Swamp Thing.

Here we see the team of Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson write and illustrate the very popular character of Swamp Thing, who needs no introduction. The comic can be tough to find in high grades.

Howard the Duck 1

First Solo Howard the Duck Title.

This issue features the first solo title for the ever-beloved character of Howard the Duck. The book is common but can sell in higher grades.

Incredible Hulk 141

First Doc Samson.

Incredible Hulk 141 has the first appearance of the character Doc Samson, who would become a regular in Hulk stories.

Incredible Hulk 162

First Wendigo.

This issue features the first appearance of Wendigo, who would go on to battle Hulk in future issues.

Incredible Hulk 180

First Wolverine in Cameo.

Incredible Hulk 180 features the first appearance of the Wolverine in a cameo on the final page. Many collectors who can't afford Hulk 181, will gravitate more toward this issue.

Incredible Hulk 181

First Full Wolverine.

Incredible Hulk 181 is essentially the most valuable comic book from the 1970s as it features the first full appearance of Wolverine which comic fans can't get enough of. Note that this book can sell for a good amount in almost any grade. The grade is very important as the highest graded (9.8) copies of this book can sell for close to 6 figures. Be careful with making assumptions that your comic is a 9.8 (and having your hopes go sky-high).

Incredible Hulk 182

Third Wolverine.

This book has an early Wolverine appearance on the first page, making it essential if you want to complete the first appearance trifecta.

Incredible Hulk 234

First Marvel Man (Quasar).

This comic has the Marvel Man character officially take the mantle of Quasar, who is rumored to appear in future Marvel projects.

Invaders 1

First Solo Invaders Title.

This book is the first solo title for the Invaders team, which consists of popular Golden Age characters returning.

Invaders 7

First Baron Blood and Union Jack

Invaders 7 has been going up late as it has the first appearance of two well-known characters, Union Jack and Baron Blood.