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Why is it Difficult to Sell a Comic Book Collection?

Updated: Oct 20

So you're ready to sell your comics. What is your first thought? Are these books valuable? How can I get the maximum amount for this comic collection? This is an interesting thought that is usually followed by a completely contradictory mindset. That thought usually has to do with the comics you have being extremely heavy and taking up a good amount of space (which is very understandable). Now how do you get rid of these heavy comics and get your space back while getting the maximum amount for them? These are two completely clashing thoughts.

If you want to sell your comics for the maximum amount, then you need to think to yourself that it isn't going to be an easy process. You will need to spend months selling them individually online. Depending on how many comics you have, this will become a full-time job (especially if you're not experienced in selling comic books). Now you need to ask yourself another question when considering this. Is my time worth all this effort? The minimum wage in the USA is $7.25 at the moment, and if you spend hundreds of hours trying to sell comics, then you might make less than that! Doesn't that mean that you're better off working a regular job rather than putting all your effort into these books? Especially when you consider that an average comic long box weighs 50 lbs (my hernia is proof of that). This is a question only you can answer for yourself.

Now, you think to yourself that you're ok with putting in all the effort of selling them online yourself. Next, you need to learn about grading a comic. You also need to learn about the process of selling them online before even listing any comics on eBay, hipcomics, or any other selling site/app. Once you have familiarized yourself with the process, you need to understand that every sale will not be perfect and there will be issues when selling your comic books online. Certain buyers, might not agree with your grading (especially if you're new), some buyers might want to return an item for many reasons, others might want to send low offers in hopes of getting a steal. These all make selling comic books online very difficult or tedious for some.

The other option you might think to yourself is to consign your comic books online. This might sound like the best option, however, most consignment shops are not interested in books that have little value to them. They have enough people asking them to consign low-end books, and can't be bothered with making such an effort to make 20-30 percent on what you have (many consigners will charge 50 percent on low-end items).

So you're thinking to yourself that maybe you can pick out the good comics and sell them online while taking the remainder to a local comic buyer for a bulk price. This sounds like a good idea on paper, however, you need to consider that if you pick out any expensive books from the collection, it might render the remaining books nearly worthless. So maybe you can't sell your comics using such a method unless you're ready to take a major loss on the lower-end books.

The final option you have is to take everything to a local comic buyer. There are many ways to approach this. The first option is to pack everything into your car or van and take it to a local comic store or pawn shop. It is highly advised that you refrain from doing this. If you attempt to sell your comic books like this, then it will lead to you being more likely to sell them, because you'd rather not take them home (and go through the process of unloading them and putting them back into your home).

The second option is to have someone come to you and pay you a bulk price for all of your comics. Now, this option might sound unappealing to many people, however, you need to consider all of the options proposed above. Comics are heavy and take up a good amount of room. The profit might not be worth the effort of selling them individually. Consigning comics isn't usually feasible, since most consigners aren't interested in lower-end books. If you consider all that, then this option might be the best for selling your comics. You might not get as much for them, but if you were to find a local, reliable comic book buyer, then it will get rid of all liability while getting you instant cash. The benefit of having a buyer come to you is that you have no obligation to sell to them, since the books have not been moved. if you feel like the buyer is being dishonest, then you can always move on to the next one.

In conclusion, comics are an amazing medium that many people have bought at least once in their lives. Some people got slightly carried away and bought too many and it ended up compounding. If you're one of them, then just consider all your options before selling. If you need any kind of advice on how to sell your comics, then please feel free to contact us at SubZero Comics for any free advice you might need. We can also give appraisals free of charge.

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