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30 Things to Avoid When Selling Your Comics

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Now, you might be thinking that selling your comic book collection is a difficult process, and that can be true. However, if you can find the right guides, then it doesn't have to be so hard. Here I have made a simple checklist of what you shouldn't do when selling your comics. Follow this guide, and you'll have a much easier time selling your collection.

  1. Do not accept checks (cash is king).

  2. Do not mail your books to anyone.

  3. If someone is offering much more than others, then it's probably too good to be true.

  4. Do not look at graded prices when researching individual comics.

  5. Look up SOLD listings when researching comic prices, not asking prices.

  6. Don't list your comics on Craigslist (it has too many scammers).

  7. Don't accept PayPal or other forms of digital payment (again, cash is king).

  8. If a comic dealer doesn't have a good reputation or has bad reviews, then don't sell to them.

  9. Don't split up your comic collection. Most people will try to buy your best books and leave you with the less desirable comics.

  10. Don't always trust reviews. Many comic dealers have shady reputations and will pay for reviews to make you lower your guard.

  11. If the person doesn't sound like they know what they're talking about, then it's likely that they need to be avoided.

  12. Don't send any comics to get graded until you've done your research. Most comics aren't worth the $30-40 it will cost to grade them.

  13. Don't sell your comics at a convention until you've read our previous article. This might make you reconsider selling your comics using this method.

  14. If you want an appraisal, make sure it's free. Many dealers will say the appraisal is free but will sneak in fees without notice.

  15. Don't organize your comics until you know what you have. If the comics are low in value, then it might be a waste of time.

  16. Try not to handle comics too much as they can be damaged like this.

  17. If you feel like you have an expensive comic, then do your research on your own. Many comic dealers aren't going to be honest if you ask them.

  18. Do not take your comic collection to a store. They will most likely take advantage of you because they'll know you don't want to take your comic collection home.

  19. If you have anyone come to you, make sure they bring cash.

  20. Don't sell to general antique dealers. They usually don't have a knowledge of comics and will pay less.

  21. Try not to spend money on comic supplies unless you know what you have is valuable (otherwise it will be a waste).

  22. While selling to the first person isn't recommended, don't turn your collection into an auction for comic dealers. Most dealers will shy away if they hear you are just looking for the best offer.

  23. Don't get too attached to your comic collection. This will make sentimental value exceed actual value.

  24. Don't send pictures of only 1-2 comics to dealers. Try to send group pictures to give them a better idea of what you have.

  25. When asked the age of your comics, don't assume that they are old. Most comics from the 1980s and up are not old to comic book collectors.

  26. If selling your comics is a joint decision, make sure to discuss price and expectations with your partner(s) prior to shopping around for buyers.

  27. Don't expect full value when selling your comics. If you have a comic collection of 1000 comic books worth $20,000, then know that whoever buys this collection will have hundreds of hours of labor to account for (and a chiropractor's bill) when selling the comics. They will also have fees if they sell using most online outlets.

  28. Don't fall for the bait and switch. Some comic dealers will quote you high prices prior to arriving, so they can get their foot in the door, but when they get to your place, they will change their tune.

  29. Don't have high expectations of the price you will get. Chances are that you will be disappointed and wind up keeping the comics because you expect to get too much.

  30. Honesty is key. If someone is coming off dishonest, then don't sell to them and move on to the next comic buyer.

While some examples used on this list might be obvious, others aren't so much. If you are trying to sell your comic collection to a local buyer, then this list can prove to be quite useful. There are many routes to take when selling your collection, and if you need advice be sure to just email, call or text us and we will provide 100% free opinions with no obligation to sell.


Swamp Thing 1 from DC (1972) by Bernie Wrightson and Len Wein
Swamp Thing 1 (DC 1972)

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