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200 of the Most Valuable Comics Published from 2000-2009 in 2023

Updated: Jan 17

Comics published from 2000 to 2009 are slightly different than those from the 1980s and 1990s. In the 2000s, the industry was experiencing the repercussions of the comic book crash of the late 1990s. Many of the speculators were gone, and those who remained to buy new comics were mostly readers and enthusiasts/collectors of the hobby. This led to lower print runs for many comic titles. While the print runs weren't as high as in the 1980s and 1990s, major titles such as Spider-Man and Batman (as well as mini-series events) would still sell well and the print runs would remain healthy.

In the 2000s comic book investing would shift from buying new comics that featured the first appearances of new characters to investing more in older comic books. However, there were many important first appearances from 2000 thru 2009. This has caused some comics from this period to go up in value and become solid investments today.

It can be tough to figure out which of your comics from the 2000s are valuable, but we've made an easy guide to help. This guide with the 200 most valuable comics from the year 2000 to 2009 can help you identify your comics. Please note that the list is not all-inclusive, but includes most comics that have value from this period. Also, note that if you have anything in a lower grade, please know that the value will be lower. If you feel like you have anything in higher grades, then be sure to use our grading guide. This list doesn't include magazines, manga, trade paperbacks, or sets (only individual comics listed).

Due to market volatility, we have decided to remove all prices from our guides. If you see something on our lists, then be sure to check eBay's sold listings to find comparable books to yours. Basically, you can use this guide for entertainment, but don't use it for anything more than that. And if you don't agree with any prices you find online, then you're welcome to sell your comics for whatever you'd like. Also, note that OUR GUIDES SHOULD NOT BE USED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE. DO NOT USE OUR WEBSITE IN YOUR SELLING AND PURCHASING DECISIONS. ALSO DO NOT ASK US FOR INVESTMENT ADVICE. Taking investing advice from a stranger is usually a bad idea anyway.

Please be sure to do proper research before selling or buying any comics on your own (our guide should not be your sole means of research). If you need any personal opinion (for entertainment only) on your collection, we can provide any opinion you might need free of charge.

Action Comics 775

First Manchester Black and the Elite.

This features the first appearances of Manchester Black and the Elite. This story has gone down as important as some consider it the first time Superman would cross the line using his powers.

Action Comics 775

Action Comics 869

Recalled Beer Bottle Cover.

This cover caused a bit of an uproar among collectors as it had Superman with a beer bottle on the cover, which didn't seem very family-friendly. This led to DC recalling the original cover and replacing it with a soda bottle in Clark Kent's hand.

Action Comics 869

Action Comics 894

First Death in DC Continuity.

While the DC character Death appears years before this in Sandman 8, this is the first time we see her in the DC Universe continuity as Lex Luthor goes through a literal near-death experience.

Action Comics 894

Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1

First Blue Marvel.

This comic has been heating up quite a bit over the past few years. It features the first appearance of Adam the Blue Marvel and many are expecting big things from the character. Note that issues 2-4 of this series also sell for some money, as they can be hard to find.

Adam Legend of the Blue Marvel 1

Alias 1

First Jessica Jones.

A popular Netflix show has caused this comic to go up in price. The price jump can also be attributed to Jessica Jones becoming a mainstay in Marvel Comics. Please make sure you have the first print as there were reprints of this issue.

Amazing Fantasy 15 (2006)

First Amadeus Cho.

While the original Amazing Fantasy 15 features the first appearance of Spider-Man and is worth tens of thousands of dollars, this modern comic features the first appearance of Amadeus Cho who would become the future Hulk.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 30

First Ezekiel and Morlun.

The beginning of a new run on Spider-Man from writer J Michael Straczynski. This issue features the first appearances of the characters Ezekiel and Morlun and explores a different, more mystical side of the Spider-Man origin.

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 36

9/11 Tribute Cover

This issue has a black cover and is the Marvel Comics 9/11 Tribute. The value for this has always been stable ever since the book was released.

Amazing Spider-Man 565

First New Kraven.

This features the first appearance of the new Kraven (Ana Kravinov) which has gone up recently in value.

Amazing Spider-Man 569

2nd Print, First Anti-Venom.

The original Venom, Eddie Brock, takes the mantle of Anti-Venom in this issue. The 2nd print features a lower print run and seems to be more desired by collectors.

Amazing Spider-Man 569

First Anti-Venom, Granov Variant Cover.

Same as our previous entry, this features the return of Eddie Brock as Anti-Venom. This variant has a great cover from Adi Granov. The regular cover for this issue also has value.

Amazing Spider-Man 583

Variant (Obama Cover).

This comic is the inauguration variant cover featuring the newly elected president at the time, Barack Obama. Despite a huge print run, this issue has a great deal of cross-appeal, which kept it in the eyes of collectors. The regular cover and other printings of this issue don't have as much value.

Amazing Spider-Man 601

J Scott Campbell Cover.

Our next few entries feature great J Scott Campbell covers. This one has a popular Mary Jane cover from Campell and is a fan favorite.

Amazing Spider-Man 606

J Scott Campbell Cover.

This next comic also features a popular J Scott Campbell cover with Black Cat and Mary Jane. Campbell fans can't get enough of his work. There is a sketch variant and a partial sketch variant that also have some value.

Amazing Spider-Man 607

J Scott Campbell Cover.

This features another great, Black Cat cover from J Scott Campbell.

Amazing Spider-Man 611

Deadpool Cover.

This issue is popular because it features a Deadpool cover from the popular artist Skottie Young. Note that the 2nd print sells for more.

Annihilation Conquest 6

First New Guardians of the Galaxy.

This issue wraps up the events of Annihilation Conquest and features the formation of the modern Guardians of the Galaxy team which would become the inspiration for the popular movies. The Annihilation mini-series runs are highly recommended if you're looking for good reading material.

Ant 1

2004 Retailer, Campbell Variant Cover.

Continuing with the trend of popular J Scott Campbell covers, this features a lower print run for a lesser-known indy character, which has caught the attention of Campbell fans. There is also another variant (black cover) and a sketch variant that have value.

Astonishing X-Men 6

First Abigail Brand.

This issue is part of the great Joss Whedon and John Cassaday run and features the first appearance of Abigail Brand of SWORD.

Batman 608

Retailer Variant.

This beginning of the legendary Hush mini-series from Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee, this Retailer Summit variant cover was extremely popular upon release and is a personal favorite of ours.

Batman 608

2nd Print, Classic Cover.

The 2nd print of this issue is much more valuable than the first due to the lower print run and the iconic Jim Lee cover. This pose would become iconic and reused many times in Batman comics.

Batman 609

First Hush.

This comic has recently gone up in value and many recognize it as being the first time we are introduced to the villain Hush who is now a mainstay in Batman's rogue's gallery.

Batman 612

Sketch Variant Cover.

Continuing the classic Hush storyline, this features a popular 2nd print sketch variant from Jim Lee. This is an early sketch variant cover, so it caught attention when it was released.

Batman 635

First Jason Todd as Red Hood.

The character Jason Todd took the mantle of Robin in the 1980s but was killed by the Joker. This issue sees the character return as the Red Hood, with a much harder edge to him.

Batman 655

First Damian Wayne.

This issue has the first appearance of Batman and Talia Al Ghul's son, Damian Wayne in a cameo (in the shadows). There is also a 1:10 variant worth much more.

Batman 656

First Full Damian Wayne.

Continuing with our previous entry, this issue has the first full appearance of Damian Wayne who would eventually take the mantle of Robin.

Black Panther (Vol 3) 2

First Shuri.

Black Panther's sister and a popular character created by film director Reginald Hudlin, Shuri would shine in the Marvel movies.

Black Panther (Vol 4) 1

J Scott Campbell Cover.

This issue features a great J Scott Campbell cover and has Shuri in the Black Panther costume. The variant and 2nd print sell for less than the regular cover.

Black Panther (Vol 4) 1

J Scott Campbell Sketch Variant Cover.

This convention sketch variant cover can be very difficult to find, as it was very limited upon release. Add the fact that it's a J Scott Campbell cover and the 1st time we see Shuri as Black Panther (cover only) and you have a valuable book.

Black Panther (Vol 4) 5

First Shuri as Black Panther.

There is much speculation that Shuri will take the mantle of Black Panther in the movies, so many are starting to notice this issue. This also has another Campbell cover.

Bloodstone 1

First Elsa Bloodstone.

A slightly harder-to-find comic, this features the first appearance of Elsa Bloodstone who is rumored to make an appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Blue Monday 3

J Scott Campbell Cover.

This issue features another great J Scott Campbell cover and can be tough to find due to a lower print run.

Captain America (Vol 5) 6

First Winter Soldier.

This issue was very mixed upon release as it reintroduced us to Bucky after the character was dead for over 40 years. Eventually, fans would embrace the Winter Soldier character and he would become a mainstay in Captain America comics and movies.

Captain Marvel 16

First Phyla-Vell (cameo).

This issue features the first appearance of Phyla-Vell, who is part of the Captain Marvel family. There are rumors of the character making appearances in future projects.

Captain Marvel 17

First Full Phyla-Vell.

This issue has the full appearance of the character from our previous entry.

Catwoman 51

Adam Hughes Cover.

Here we have an amazing Adam Hughes cover that features the numbers from the TV show Lost, which gives it a good amount of cross-appeal.

Chew 1

First Print.

This comic has come down over the years as it was a valuable issue for a while, due to TV show buzz. It's still a great read that we recommend.

Civil War 1

1:25 Turner Variant.

The beginning of the popular Civil War storyline from Marvel, this issue features a great, variant cover from the late, great Michael Turner. There is also a sketch variant cover from Turner

Civil War 1

Aspen Comics Turner Variant.

Another variant cover from Turner. This cover is a personal favorite of ours. Note that there are more Turner variants for the Civil War series, most of which have some value.

Civil War X-Men 1

Aspen Comics Turner Variant.

Another Aspen variant cover with art by Michael Turner. This is another favorite of ours, and we can't get enough of Turner's artwork.

Conan 24

Nude Variant.

A harder to find variant cover. Please note that we show the regular cover here, but in the variant, the girl on the cover is nude.

Cowboy Bebop 1

First USA Comic.

The first time we would see our favorite space cowboys in USA comic books, this issue has recently started to go up as the series gains popularity. Note that the other issues from this series also have some value.

Cursed Pirate Girl 1

Hard to Find Indy Title.

This comic book shocked everyone as it became a successful, self-published indy title, and the first issue can be hard to find.

Daredevil 111

Aja Variant, First Lady Bullseye.

This features the first appearance of Lady Bullseye, who we might see in more Marvel projects in the future. The regular and other variants also have some value.

Dark Avengers 1 (Variant)

First Iron Patriot.

This features the first appearance of Norman Osborn as the Iron Patriot and the formation of the Dark Avengers team. There is a regular variant and a Midtown Comics variant, both have value. In addition, there is an NYCC convention sketch variant that was very limited and sells for hundreds.

Deadpool 55

Tim Bradstreet Cover.

This issue has a great cover from artist Tim Bradstreet and features a Punisher crossover which gives it good appeal among fans of both characters.

Deadpool 69

Last Issue, Low Print Run.

Continuing our trend of final issues making our lists, we have the final issue of the original run of Deadpool which has a lower print run.

Dirty Pair Run From the Future 1

Adam Hughes Variant.

Another popular Adam Hughes cover. This one has gone up recently after being a relatively low-value book for years.

Elektra 3

Nude Recalled Variant.

While the regular edition of this issue has no value, there is a hard-to-find version that was recalled due to having a nude (in shadows) panel.

Elephantmen 18

Campbell Variant Cover.

Another popular J Scott Campbell cover. Note that there are color and sketch variants for this, both of which have value.

Everquest Online Adventures 1

Very Rare Giveaway

There isn't much information on this comic book, but it seems to have been a giveaway from Sony and Wildstorm Comics to commemorate the launch of the Everquest Online game series in 2002. It's extremely hard to find and sells for good money whenever it goes up for sale

Flash 197

First Hunter Zolomon (Zoom).

This comic has the first appearance of Hunter Zolomon as the new Reverse-Flash. The character makes an appearance in the well-received Flash TV show and is popular with Flash fans.

GI Joe 2

Adam Hughes Cover.

Another popular Adam Hughes cover. Hughes fans are a very dedicated bunch. Note that there are 2 versions of this cover, both of which have value.

GI Joe 21

Turner Variant, Renegar Edition.

This variant features an amazing Michael Turner cover and is a personal favorite of ours. Note that there are non-foil and foil versions of this book, both of which have values.

Green Lantern 25

First Larfleeze and Atrocitus (Both Covers).

This issue has the first appearances of both the Red Lantern Atrocitus and the Orange Lantern Larfleeze. It also marks the end of one of the best Green Lantern storylines, the Sinestro Corps War.

Grimm Fairy Tales 1

First Zenescope Comic.

Zenescope comics have become very popular for their variant covers, and this issue is the first issue from the company. Please note that there are many variant covers from Zenescope that have some value, but we will do a separate list for those.

Guardians of the Galaxy 1

First New GOTG Solo.

This issue is the first of the new, modern Guardians of the Galaxy and is highly recommended if you're a fan of the movies (a very good series). It's a continuation of the team that forms at the end of the Annihilation Conquest series.

Harley Quinn 1

First Solo Title.

This issue has Harley Quinn in her first solo series and features a great Terry Dodson cover.

Harley Quinn 38

Last Issue, Low Print.

The final issue of the series, this comic features a lower print run. It's essential for those looking to finish their sets.

Hulk 1 (2008)

Turner Variant, First Red Hulk.

Featuring the first appearance of General Ross as the Red Hulk character, this has another great cover from the late, great Michael Turner. The variant was exclusive to Wizard World.

Hulk 1 (2008)

McGuinness Variant, First Red Hulk.

There are a few more variants for this book, so we decided to include them as a separate entry. The 1:50 Ed McGuinness variant is the most desired by collectors.

Hulk 14 (2008)

Deadpool Variant, First Red She-Hulk.

This issue has the first appearance of Red She-Hulk. The 1:200 Deadpool variant cover was limited and sells for more, but the regular variant still has some value.

Hulk 16 (2008)

1:200 Deadpool Variant.

A popular cover among collectors due to the Deadpool appearance. The low ratio for this also makes it an expensive book online.

Image United 1

Jim Lee Variant.

Another popular Jim Lee variant cover. There is a sketch variant and a color variant for this issue. The 1:100 sketch variant has more value.

Image United 1

McFarlane Sketch Variant.

This features a great Todd McFarlane variant cover. Note that the regular color covers from McFarlane also have some value.

Image United 2

Capullo Sketch Variant.

This features a great cover from popular Spawn artist Greg Capullo. Note that the color Capullo variant also has some value to it.

Immortal Iron Fist 8

First Fat Cobra.

This issue features the first appearance of Fat Cobra. There is speculation that the character may appear in future projects.

Incredible Hulk 49

Where the Wild Things are Homage.

This issue has recently gone up in value as it has some cross-appeal for the homage to the classic children's book.

Incredible Hulk 92

First Planet Hulk.

The classic story from Greg Pak features the Hulk being sent to another planet and is considered by many to be one of the best Hulk stories of the modern era. Note that there is a 2nd print that isn't worth as much as the 1st print.

Incredible Hulk 100

Turner Grey Variant.

The classic story continues and here we have another great Michael Turner cover. Note that there are 2 variants for this issue. One has Hulk in grey and another has him in green. The grey variant is much harder to find and is worth more.

Infinite Crisis 5

First Jaime Reyes.

This features the first appearance of Jaime Reyes as the Blue Beetle after Ted Kord is killed. The Jim Lee cover (which has Blue Beetle on it) sells for more.

Invincible 1

First Mark Grayson.

This issue always had some value, but a popular show on Amazon Prime has made it a very valuable comic. This features the first appearance of Mark Grayson by popular writer Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead fame.

Invincible 1

Larry's World of Comics Variant.

While this variant isn't as valuable as the first print, it still has some value after seeing a recent price jump.

Invincible 44

First Anisa.

This issue has gone up after the premiere of the Invincible Amazon Prime TV show.

JSA Classified 1

Adam Hughes Cover.

Another popular Adam Hughes cover. You might be noticing a trend with this list including many Hughes and Campbell covers. There are color and sketch versions of this Hughes cover (the color sells for more).

JSA Classified 2

Adam Hughes Cover.

Another popular Adam Hughes cover. Once again continuing the trend we see on this list with many Hughes and Campbell covers.

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen 5

Recalled Variant.

Written by the popular Alan Moore, this particular issue was recalled for a Marvel Comics advertisement, so it can be sought after by collectors.

Locke and Key 1

Netflix Show.

Locke and Key by Joe Hill recently made its way to Netflix as a TV series and this issue features the first time we see the characters from the show. There is a Dynamic Forces variant that is worth about the same as the 1st print.

Marvel Team-Up 14

Invincible Crossover, Low Print.

During his time at Marvel, writer Robert Kirkman decided to bring his character Invincible (Image characters are creator-owned) over for a one-time crossover with Spider-Man. This comic has great cross-appeal as fans of both characters will pursue this issue.

Marvel Zombies 1

First Print, Low Print.

Written by Robert Kirkman of The Walking Dead, here we see an alternate world where all the heroes have been turned into zombies. This comic had a lower print run, which led it to go up in the aftermarket. Note the later printings aren't worth as much as the 1st print.

Masters of the Universe 1

2nd Print, Invincible Preview.

This issue can be popular with Masters of the Universe fans (due to a great Skeletor cover), but also features a preview of the Invincible comic series by Robert Kirkman, so it has multiple reasons for having value.

Masters of the Universe 6

Retailer Variant.

This retailer variant can be extremely tough to find as it has a very limited run. Note that there is also a website variant cover for issue 6 (exclusive to

Masters of the Universe 8

Website Variant.

Same as our previous entry this comic was only sold online ( and has a lower print run. This book can be very tough to find and doesn't go up for sale too often.

Ms. Marvel 1 Turner Variant.

This is the first issue in the series featuring the character that would eventually take would take the mantle of Captain Marvel. Note that the sketch variant is slightly more valuable.

New Avengers 7

First Appearance of the Illuminati.

This features the first appearance of Marvel's Illuminati. There is talk of the team appearing in future Marvel movies, which has caused the book to rise. Note that there is a Neal Adams variant that sells for about the same.


First Appearance of X-23.

The first appearance of Laura Kinney, a clone of Wolverine, this comic has always been slightly valuable but went up quite a bit when the character made an appearance in the Logan movie.

New X-Men 128

First Fantomex.

This issue features the first appearance of the mutant Fantomex which we saw more of in the popular Uncanny X-Force series later in the decade.

Power Girl 1

Adam Hughes Cover.

The first issue of the series and a great Adam Hughes cover. Power Girl is always a fan favorite, especially when Adam Hughes is drawing her.

Power Girl 2

Adam Hughes Cover.

Another popular Adam Hughes cover. We are great fans of Hughes and this cover is another example of his great work.

Power Girl 27

Last Issue, Low Print Run.

This issue is the final of the series and features a great Warren Louw cover. It also has a lower print run.

Punisher/Eminem 1

Hard to Find Crossover (XXL Magazine).

A very hard-to-find comic that was included in XXL Magazine. Here we see the popular rapper team up with the Punisher to take down the villain Barracuda. This comic has a good deal of cross-appeal among hip-hop collectors.

Runaways 1

First Runaways.

This has the first appearance of the Runaways who had a TV show. The book has cooled off slightly over the past year or two as the show wasn't well received.

Savage Dragon 102

First Appearance of Invincible (Preview).

Another preview of the Invincible series from Robert Kirkman.

Scalped 1

First Print.

This comic has been going up in value as there are talks of a TV show being produced using this property. The series is also highly recommended if you're looking for a good read.

Sentry 1

First Robbie Reynolds.

Featuring the first appearance of Robbie Reynolds AKA the Sentry. This issue has gone up recently as the character becomes more popular among the comic community. There is an SDCC variant and another variant that are slightly more valuable.